Wednesday, November 30, 2011

80's Guilt #13: Huey Lewis & The News “The Power Of Love” (1985)

Our requisite Huey Lewis entry could have gone in a number of directions. We initially chose "Walking On A Thin Line" due to the sick bassline in the intro. We also considered the album track "Finally Found A Home," which we remembered being a much better song than it turned out to be when we located it on Spotify just now.

Patrick Bateman is a huge fan of "Hip To Be Square," which never hurts. And plus we heard Huey Lewis on TV a few years ago saying the deadpan lyrics were supposed to be sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek, and he resented that it was embraced by '80s douchebags, which gave the song a hint of depth we hadn't expected.

But we've come to realize their biggest song, "The Power Of Love," was their best. We don't know why. It just is. We like when he says "credit card."

Now watching the video. We're remembering that every Huey Lewis video had a fucking 9-minute introduction. At least this one is ok because it has Christopher Lloyd, but if it were anything else, we'd recommended skipping ahead. If we had to choose a favorite member of The News, we'd have to go with the bass player chillin' in the back wearing sunglasses & smoking cigs.

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