Monday, November 14, 2011

weezer "alone 3" release date announced

In Summer 2010, we announced our excitement regarding Weezer's dual-release-date between the Pinkerton reissue and Death To False Metal, two releases which unearthed four previously unheard 90's tracks, as well as superior studio versions of 90's songs which had previously only been available as demos, such as "I Swear It's True" and "You Won't Get With Me Tonight."

Around that time, we erroneously claimed that it would signal the depletion of the vaults. However, it seems that Rivers has been enjoying the positive feedback from the 90's fans, as Rivers posted the tracklisting of Alone 3 earlier this weekend, which appears to include eight previously unheard tracks intended for inclusion on Pinkerton.

2011 has certainly issued its share of disappointments, so we wouldn't be surprised if Alone 3 includes nothing worthy of our forthcoming "2011's Greatest Hits," but we'll surely remain hopeful...

There's also a note regarding the lyrics of "Susanne":
The line "even Kurt Cobain and Axl Rose" was later changed to "even Izzy Slash and Axl Rose" after Kurt Cobain's tragic death in April 1994. Of late, the lyric has been restored in concert to its original, more satisfying version.

Psh... no way. "Izzy Slash and Axl Rose" sounds fucking awesome in comparison... (And plus we saw Weezer a few months ago and didn't notice any lyric changes, although this may be partially attributed to being so floored by the song choice...)

Also, that fucking incredible live clip of "Lullaby For Wayne" is STILL missing from Youtube. Can someone get on this already?

And here's our quick impromptu 10 favorite Weezer songs of the moment...
10. The World We Love So Much
9. Susanne
8. Let's Sew Our Pants Together
7. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here
6. Jamie
5. I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams
4. Falling For You
3. Lullaby For Wayne
2. I Swear It's True
1. Thief You've Taken All That Was Me

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