Sunday, November 20, 2011

80's Guilty Pleasure Jams

Welcome to Thanksgiving Week 2011. There is no question as to whether or not this week will horribly suck.. It's just a matter of how badly it will horribly suck. We're guessing "super fucking horrible suckage," with a suckage magnitude of the highest caliber.

We needed to give ourselves something to look forward to for the next seven days, and so "80's Guilt" came to mind... For the past few weeks, we've been feelin' shitty 80's music quite a bit. (Hard to believe, but we actually do enjoy music other than guitar-based indie rock and 90's hiphop.)

As we compiled our list, we noticed a decent emphasis on uncharacteristically awesome (or catchy) singles from bands/artists who are normally associated with ultra-vomit. You'll see what we mean as we unveil our Top 50 over the next seven days (complete with stream-of-consciousness ramblings). Thank you, and please kill me.

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