Thursday, November 24, 2011

80's Guilt #32: Richard Marx “Should’ve Known Better” (1987)

Richard Marx's mullet is probably within our top 5 mullets. He's certainly up there with Uncle Jessie and that biker/leather-jacket teacher dude on Boy Meets World. Wikipedia reveals that as a songwriter, "Should've Known Better" was one of the songs he wanted to save for himself to sing instead of giving it away, which was probably a smart decision. Production-wise, it's reminiscent of "Danger Zone" from Top Gun, which does wonders to increase the lulz-factor.

We also recall John Mayer playing a prank around 2004 where he convinced a few of his fans that Richard Marx wrote all of his songs. This got us wondering, what other hits had he actually written (besides his own)? After checking Wikipedia, the only ones we recognize are Vixen's "Edge Of A Broken Heart" and N'Sync's "This I Promise You," amongst dozens of unheard album tracks, making it seem like he gets most of his work as a result of name-recognition, to assist with album filler as opposed to scoring huge hits.

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