Monday, November 28, 2011

80's Guilt #25: The Outfield “Your Love” (1986)

This somehow became another case of "Don't Stop Believing," an 80's jam that magically received an enormous push in popularity since the mid-2000's, partially evident by a decently-sized list of covers in its wikipedia entry, the earliest dating only as far back as The Decemberists in 2005. It's hard to say why it didn't transcended as heavily during the 90's (GTA: Vice City?) since that main hook is so universally beloved, embraced across multiple generations of music fans, from metalheads to hipsters to pop fanatics. (Fuck, that bridge section deserves more credit.)

We haven't heard The Outfield's 1st album Play Deep just yet, but from what we've read, every song (supposedly) sounds a lot like "Your Love" and includes similarly huge hooks.

So then, if this song is so awesome, then where's the guilt?... It could be attributed to the polished-sounding production, but we're really not sure. It just somehow feels like it SHOULD be a guilty pleasure...

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