Saturday, November 26, 2011

80's Guilt #28: Bruce Springsteen "I'm On Fire" (1984)

Fun fact: On each of his albums, The Boss makes sure to sing at least 7 songs about driving around New Jersey in a Buick, comprising about 60% of his catalog, with "I'm On Fire" being the best one of them all. It was also used during live sets as one of the big moments when The E Street Band would quietly play the intro for 8-9 minutes while Bruce tells rite-of-passage stories to all of his adoring Bruce-heads: "My dad kicked me out, and I remember I used to use a payphone to call my girl. Then one day, I came back. And my dad asked me, what happened? I thought you joined the army. And I said, well, they didn't take me. And my dad looked at me. And he said, that's good son." *CHEERS/APPLAUSE*

We love the howls at the end. It's too bad the song fades so quickly.

The video includes some shockingly decent acting from The Boss himself:

Also, from when Ben Stiller was funny:

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