Wednesday, November 30, 2011

80's Guilt #18: Bryan Adams “One Night Love Affair” (1984)

On VH1 a few nights ago they played a special about Steve Barron's music videos... He's the guy who directed "Money For Nothing," "Billie Jean" and "Take On Me," as well as "Summer of '69." He was pretty much the Spike Jonze of the early 80's. And they showed Bryan Adams stating that his song wasn't supposed to be about a specific summer, and that he chose "69" purposely as a reference to the sexual position, which we had assumed for years, and now finally have confirmation. Thank you Bryan Adams.

However, throughout the years, I've always liked "One Night Love Affair," "Somebody" and "Run To You" better than "69," never able to understand why "69" was the big huge hit from Reckless.

This next part isn't that important, but anyway.. At work they used to let us watch TV, and a few years ago, Spike TV was doing one of those "Movies That Don't Suck" things and they played that 80's movie where Val Kilmer is a genius... Fuck, what's it called...

IMDB says it's called Real Genius. Fair enough. So about 20 minutes into it they start playing "One Night Love Affair" and that was the first and only time Bryan Adams made me nostalgic for anything. I owned the 45 of this song when I was 4 years old. Actually I feel like digging it out real quick, because I attempted to make my own picture sleeve for it...

It looks like I considered the song title to be too long, and so I put the words "Love Affair" in parenthesis. There's also a "2" written over the A&M logo in blue ink, which I did one evening when I went through about 20 records because I was planning on making a mixtape (that never got taped) and I wanted them to be in a specific order.

Bryan Adams' Reckless was also the first CD my Dad bought (along with Steve Winwood's Back In The High Life and The Beatles Past Masters Volume 2) after we bought our first CD player in 1988. I was very excited.

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