Tuesday, November 29, 2011

80's Guilt #23: Heart “These Dreams” (1986)

Nancy Wilson (the singer of this song) is married to Cameron Crowe, the director of Jerry MacGuire, Almost Famous and Vanilla Sky, a dude who we've sort of had a vendetta against for quite some time. For some reason, the idea that he's "special" enough to get Led Zeppelin into his movies has bothered us, since his movies are just kinda ok, usually filled with an overabundance of awesome ideas that are poorly executed, not typically the type of movies that deserve special treatment just because he happens to be friends with The Eagles and Lynard Skynard. And we normally take advantage of most opportunities to make sure this gets mentioned.

From our perspective, the chick-vocals from Ann & Nancy Wilson were too pleasant-sounding to fit for the gritty guitar rock in "Barracuda" and "Crazy On You." They seem much better suited for adult-contemporary, which is why "These Dreams" worked so well. Regarding how they look in the video, we saw 5 minutes of Heart's Behind The Music the other night, and apparently the 80's metal hair was totally not their idea.. or at least that's what they claimed...

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