Thursday, November 17, 2011

Youtube removes "Earl"

Some twitter posts from @fucktyler seemed to suggest that Odd Future's breakthrough video "Earl" may have been removed from Youtube due to "inappropriate" something or other... We just checked ourselves, and sure enough, it's been yanked with no real explanation, which can only mean that some dumb white suburban moms caught their 12-year-olds watching and complained.

(EDIT 11/18/11: As of this afternoon, "Earl" was placed back on Youtube. This absolutely was a result of dumb moms.)

We always associated this video far more with Vimeo, but we're still sad to see it go from the Youtubes. "Earl" came in 2nd place in our "Hey, Nice Vids! 2010" list (best videos of last year) and along with El Guincho's "Bombay" it seemed to be setting some new standards on what to expect from music videos.

In about three months, Earl will be turning 18... Our (admittedly completely unrealistic) expectations are that he will take over the world of hiphop within the next year.

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