Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ovlov "Crazy Motorcycle Jump"

Crazy Motorcycle Jump (EP)

1. ovlov - strand of steve-o (2:28)
2. ovlov - ahhehuhah (2:38)
3. ovlov - i'm your dini (3:40)
4. ovlov - mustachio (3:53)
5. ovlov - deep fried head (2:23)

Ovlov's music reminds me of classic skate-rock, referring to the type of rock music played often in old school skating VHS tapes, which is probably my favorite thing about it. Steve H and Dave B had some decent local success for years in the band Home Movies before deciding to head in a heavier direction towards the middle of 2008, fusing pop hooks with abrasiveness and taking influence from The Pixies. Over the next few months, 13 songs were demo'd with input from new guitarist Quentin H, and after Home Movies' last official show at the end of 2008, the 13 songs were narrowed down to 5 for Crazy Motorcycle Jump, which has been handed out for free at Ovlov shows ever since. The (local college) radio hit seems to be "Strand Of Steve-O," and the fan favorite seems to be "Deep Fried Head." However, since my first listen I think I've always loved "Mustachio" the best, mostly because it reminds me of The Rentals. Throw this on with some buds and reenact the "1979" video. It will make your summer that much more complete.


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