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Various Artists "Trumbull Scene: The Big Hits"

Various Artists
Trumbull Scene: The Big Hits (2 Disc set)
2000, 2002 (2010 Reissue)

Disc 1
1. Hour Zero - Odd Man Out (3:33)
2. Bernie - You Got Issues (live) (2:40)
3. GLU - Ma Woman (0:52)
4. Splice - Mackerel Sky (3:11)
5. MC Sho Nuff - Bunnies Flowers and Sunshine (1:51)
6. Dowcet - Training For Space (3:22)
7. Hot Beat Faktory - Project 2 (1:25)
8. Axiomatic - Dawn (2:56)
9. Some Band - Rooftop Blues (5:47)
10. Factor 8 - The (11:57)
11. ??? - Jay's Hold Music (4:17)
12. Ascend - All We Need (3:35)
13. All American Rap Band - My Name Is George (2:05)
14. Hyve - Mackerel Sky (3:38)
15. Splice - Tonight (3:46)
16. Preston Creed - Crush (2:59)
17. Seitz and Sounds - Gimme that Bone (1:17)
18. USAUSA - Party Girl (2:22)
19. 24 After Midnight - Friends (1:03)
20. Ghost Town Riot - Just Don't Care (2:56)

Disc 2
1. Stu Wanker - Ash That MF Please (3:01)
2. The Smooth Hands - Handjob City (live) (1:20)
3. The Juicebox Institute - Broken (2:44)
4. Dead Wives - Good Suffering (Long Version) (12:15)
5. -------------- (1:00)
6. The Juicebox Institute - Aching For Sara (4:52)
7. ---------------- (1:00)
8. Hot Beat Faktory - Yelp (1:15)
9. Jeff Peck & The Black Mullet - That Song (demo version) (4:25)
10. Lowt Ide - Ceiling (live) (1:13)
11. Hoveral - American Sneakers (3:46)
12. The Juicebox Institute - Heed (2:54)
13. Beard - I Want You To Want Me (8:19)
14. Lip Keebler - Rock Part 2 (0:43)
15. Smile Democracy - White People (3:36)
16. Stu Wanker - (I Hate) Kids With Cell Phones (1:08)
17. Dowcet & GLU - Swing Easy (0:32)
18. Buds Vs. Dowcet - Friends (1:11)
19. Daddy's Got Dibs - Daddy's Got Dibs (3:45)
20. GLU - Friends (Remix) (0:48)
21. Hospital - Don't Come To Ohio (3:19)
22. Lowt Ide - Bonus Track (2:34)

In an effort to eliminate redundancy, it's been decided that t.scene releases should NOT post the 2000 compilation Trumbull Scene Volume 1 and the 2002 compilation Trumbull Scene Volume 2 with their original track listings. Many of the songs on these 2 compilations will be available here in future posts. And so instead a new collection has been compiled: A 2-disc set (or 2-zip file set, whatever).

Trumbull Scene: The Big Hits features more than half of the songs from Vol 1 and Vol 2, plus many other previously unavailable treasures from the t.scene vaults:

...The original version of "Mackerel Sky" from Hyve. ...
...3 of the (at least) 10 interpretations of Buds 1998 hit single "Friends." ...
...Both exclusive Splice originals from 1999's More Crap EP. ...
...All 3 tracks from The Juicebox Institute's page. ...
...Previously unreleased live tracks from Bernie, The Smooth Hands, and Lowt Ide. ......And so much more....

Download Disc 1

Download Disc 2


And here's some additional information (or "liner notes") regarding Trumbull Scene: The Big Hits, seeing as how everyone reading this is more than likely on the verge of bursting with hardly contained excitement at the mere announcement of this release...

Disc 1
1. Hour Zero "Odd Man Out" (3:33)
(1999. from their self-titled LP.)

2. Bernie "You Got Issues (live)" (2:40)
(1999. recorded live at Tashua Knolls at the infamous show where the band jumped into the pool during the last song.)

3. GLU "Ma Woman" (0:52)
(from GLU's 1998 LP 3D which will be available from t.scene releases in the future.)

4. Splice "Mackerel Sky" (3:11)
(from Splice's 1999 More Crap EP)

5. MC Sho Nuff "Bunnies Flowers and Sunshine" (1:51)
(previously only available on the original Trumbull Scene V.1, Paul M. recorded this in 1999, possibly for his blog at the time. Paul sadly passed away in 2005 but the music lives on...)

6. Dowcet "Training For Space" (3:22)
(previously from Trumbull Scene V.1. I don't know what year this was produced, but a compilation of Dowcet's recordings from the early 2000's will be available for download here in the future.)

7. Hot Beat Faktory "Project 2" (1:25)
(2000, Luke F's electronic project. Hot Beat Faktory compilation will be available here in the future.)

8. Axiomatic "Dawn" (2:56)
(from their 1998 LP, this was Russ & Karl's electronic project.)

9. Some Band "Rooftop Blues" (5:47)
(2000, Doug's band at UConn, from their 4-track demo.)

10. Factor 8 "The" (11:57)
(before Lowt Ide, there was Factor 8.. Russ & Karl's other project alongside Axiomatic, they had several LP's released during the late 90's)

11. ??? "Jay's Hold Music" (4:17)
(When Jay worked at Emstar, Jeff & John were continually amazed by his hold music, and it was requested that he leave Jeff a voicemail message purposely so this could be recorded. A possible collection of Jeff Peck's outstanding voicemail messages from 1998-2002 is being considered for release from the t.scene vaults in the future. More details coming soon...)

12. Ascend "All We Need" (3:35)
(2002. From Adam's ECSU friends.. This is one of the most important songs ever recorded.)

13. All American Rap Band "My Name Is George" (2:05)
(Jay W, Luke F, Dave M & Joe A in summer 1994. In 2003, this song was featured in Mister Glue's Angry Rednecks short:

14. Hyve "Mackerel Sky" (3:38)
(The original version of Mackerel Sky in 1995, before it was reinterpreted by Splice in the late 90's, and later covered by Lowt Ide in various forms throughout the 2000's.)

15. Splice "Tonight" (3:46)
(From 1999's More Crap EP, which also included an alternate version of "Wanting It All" and their cover of They Might Be Giants' "A Self Called Nowhere.")

16. Preston Creed "Crush" (2:59)
(From Preston Creed's self-titled 1999 LP produced by Sir Mix-A-Lot.)

17. Seitz and Sounds "Gimme that Bone" (1:17)
(2001, Doug S's video game music demo.)

18. USAUSA "Party Girl" (2:22)
(Originally a solo demo by G-Zuz from G-Spot. In 2000, it was used in the band White Suburban Angst with Jay W, Jay G, Mike F & Jeff P. Their name was later changed to USAUSA, with only one public performance in August of 2000, mostly made up of Radiohead and Nirvana covers, along with "Party Girl," Bernie's "You Got Issues" and Interface's "No Vision.")

19. 24 After Midnight "Friends" (1:03)
(One of the many interpretations of Buds' 1998 single "Friends," and one of the bonus tracks on Trumbull Scene V.1.)

20. Ghost Town Riot "Just Don't Care" (2:56)
(Before Hour Zero there was Ghost Town Riot. 4-track demo, 1998. Mixed by Jay W.)

Disc 2
1. Stu Wanker "Ash That MF Please" (3:01)
(GLU's "Dick" moved onto Stu Wanker in 1999 and throughout the 2000's. A compilation of his recordings may be available here in the future.)

2. The Smooth Hands "Handjob City (live)" (1:20)
(Live from their 2006 WXCI performance which may be available in full for download here in the future. "Handjob City" is a non-album track, not included on the 2004 LP I Love You So Much.)

3. The Juicebox Institute "Broken" (2:44)
(Jeff P & Adam S's emo project. 3 tracks were available in 2002 at their page. All 3 were previously unreleased until now.)

4. Dead Wives "Good Suffering (Long Version)" (12:15)
(An excerpt of this was included on Dead Wives 2010 Demon Priest demo EP. Recorded in April 2009 by Mike F & Dan B.)


6. The Juicebox Institute "Aching For Sara" (4:52)
(From their page)


8. Hot Beat Faktory "Yelp" (1:15)
(from Hot Beat Faktory's planned but unreleased Indian Burial Grounds LP. Many of these recordings may be available here in the future.)

9. Jeff Peck & The Black Mullet "That Song (demo version)" (4:25)
(In summer 2000, demos were recorded for the planned but unreleased follow-up to 1999's Playing For Keeps with assistance from Jay G & Mike F, The Black Mullet's other 2 members.)

10. Lowt Ide "Ceiling (live)" (1:13)
(Live at Laszlo's, December 2000, their 2nd show, back when they were called "Low Tide." This is Part 3 of their popular 3-part "operatic" piece "Hair Lampshade Ceiling," as yet only performed live and never recorded for an album.)

11. Hoveral "American Sneakers" (3:46)
(From their 2002 self titled 5-song EP)

12. The Juicebox Institute "Heed" (2:54)
(From their page)

13. Beard "I Want You To Want Me" (8:19)
(Summer 2005. This is a demo recording for Beard's unfinished 4-song LP Texas Hold'em, which was to consist of elongated stoner-metal cover versions of The Weather Girls' "It's Raining Men," Destiny's Child's "Lose My Breath," Loggins And Messina's "Danny's Song," and Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me." All four songs were recorded and nearly completed, but were later lost due to computer failure. The demo of "I Want You To Want Me" was recovered, however... Beard's vocalist was Stevie Ray Beard, who does not appear on this version, but the vox were instead demo'd by lead guitarist Jimmy Jam Beard. Produced by Steve O.)

14. Lip Keebler "Rock Part 2" (0:43)
(2000, "Rock Part 1" was recorded in 1997 and included on Trumbull Scene V.1, although it does not appear here as it's not very good. However, Parts 1 and 2 were the only 8-track recordings produced by Lip Keebler. A 4-track demo tape was recorded in 2004 and the band changed its name to Dead Wives in 2006.)

15. Smile Democracy "White People" (3:36)
(After Jamie Found Out, there was Smile Democracy. "White People" was released in 2009 and is the only officially released recording so far.)

16. Stu Wanker "(I Hate) Kids With Cell Phones" (1:08)
(2001, from Stu Wanker's page)

17. Dowcet & GLU "Swing Easy" (0:32)
(The only collaboration of Dowcet & GLU in December 1999.)

18. Buds Vs. Dowcet "Friends" (1:11)
(Yet another interpretation of "Friends.")

19. Daddy's Got Dibs "Daddy's Got Dibs" (3:45)
(A 1-song project recorded in 2006 by Adam S & Jerome W.)

20. GLU "Friends (Remix)" (0:48)
(Another interpretation, included on their album 3D from 1998.)

21. Hospital "Don't Come To Ohio" (3:19)
(One of Hospital's early recordings from 1999.)

22. Lowt Ide "Bonus Track" (2:34)
(Recorded after Lowt Ide's 2nd show at Laszlo's in Decmeber 2000. Later included on Lowt Ide's unreleased triple album, and as the last song on 2004's Live At Madison Square Garden and also included on their "Best of" album in 2010. This has also been performed live by Lowt Ide at least twice.)


And here's those links once again...

Download Disc 1

Download Disc 2

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