Friday, June 18, 2010

80 Jams From The 80's

My version of the 80's comes and goes... I seem to remember stuff, and then it fades and comes back.. Occasionally I get into "80's mode" where I enjoy lots of 80's media all at once, which is when things "rise to the surface." Somehow being into 80's mode during work, and writing a list of the 80 greatest 80's hits, brought to mind subject matter that I more or less had forgotten about... A few weeks ago I found myself reading the wikipedia entry on Ducktales. And earlier today, some random Shel Silverstein poems (was he 80's?) got stuck in my head out of nowhere. Random TV from PBS and ABC (since that was all I watched during the first half of the 80's) found their way into my passing thoughts and memories...

As of late, I've actually decided that Lee Majors portrayal of "The Fall Guy" is one of the most badass dudes ever on TV, and totally could kick MacGuyver's ass on any day. I'd post some clips here, but I think I'd rather just recommend a Youtube search since I can't decide which clips would work best. And then this brought to mind Hardcastle and McCormick, Jake And The Fat Man, Simon And Simon, Hart To Hart, and of course The "A" Team, which is apparently an amazing movie, although I've yet to take a look... Needless to say, I miss the days of car chases and explosions, both of which are pretty much never on TV in 2010.

Moving on....

While bored at work, I spent a fairly huge amount of the past week or so throwing together a decently unfuckwitable list of 80 amazing songs from the 80's... which will be posted here starting tonight complete with Youtube videos, and literature that I plan on stealing from other websites in order to speed up the process, and allow myself to not have to think as much, since I plan on drinking lots of beer while posting these 80 songs. I'm also expecting these opinions to change over time, as my 80's list from 10 years ago likely would look very different from the one that will start here tonight. 3 honorable mentions will also be listed.

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