Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Feature: T.Scene Releases

EXCITING NEWS: Taste My Kids will be entering the world of "album blogging."

Start getting exciting: All new amazing releases are cumming your way, as well as re-releases, and compilations! Very soon! In fact, 2 of them are being released today!!!!

The new Dead Wives EP and the new Lowt Ide "best of" album were both originally supposed to be posted here this morning at 6AM, which would be the 6th hour of the 6th day in the 6th month, which is the best time of year to release any album, especially while sacrificing a goat to the dark lord. But I was too tired to finish the new Lowt Ide in time, so I fell asleep. True story.

(In case you were wondering, the "T" in "T.Scene" stands for "Trumbull." Once upon a time, a series of comps was planned out called "Trumbull Scene," which was an ironically terrible name since there was really nothing happening musically in Trumbull at the time, or really at any time as far as I can tell. However, most of the people I was friends with at the time were all making music or noise of some sort, and so a 17 track release was planned called "Trumbull Scene Volume 1." We made about 50 copies, and it was given away for free to anyone who wanted one. We left 7 or 8 copies at Laszlo's (a coffee-venue in Monroe) and Laszlo told us himself that he considered it "a damn good album," which gave us a sense that maybe we did something right. If I'm not mistaken, I still have at least 4 copies left in the trunk of my car which have probably been weathered and rendered useless by this point. "Trumbull Scene Volume 2" was also put together, but was only given away digitally and I'm pretty sure almost nobody heard it who wasn't on the album itself.)

Shortening the "Trumbull" to "T" will make the label far less embarrassing. I don't really feel like explaining why Trumbull is embarrassing.. it just is. So anyway, get ready for a couple new releases later today, and hopefully a lot more in the future!

(If anyone can help me think of a better name than "t.scene" that would be tremendous. I just don't feel like putting effort into it right now.)

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