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Lowt Ide "Fuck You Mom: A Decade Of Heroin And Judd (2000-2010)"

Lowt Ide
Fuck You Mom: A Decade Of Heroin And Judd (2000-2010)

1. Lowt Ide - Ryan Healey College (0:41)
2. Lowt Ide - The Trashcan Song (0:22)
3. Lowt Ide - EXIT (0:12)
4. Lowt Ide - Chateau 19 (1:50)
5. Lowt Ide - I Saw Whoopie Goldberg's Crotch In Sister Act And Got A Hardon (1:06)
6. Lowt Ide - P.S.A. (4:06)
7. Lowt Ide - Have You Fucked A Cement Truck? (2:22)
8. Lowt Ide - Let's All Go Around And Each Person Say Your Name, Major, Occupation, Where You're From, And What September Eleventh Means To You (2:03)
9. Lowt Ide - Your Turn 1 (0:02)
10. Lowt Ide - I Love My Appendix (live) (1:57)
11. Lowt Ide - Would You Guys Mind Not Playing Anymore Songs? (1:19)
12. Lowt Ide - Captain Lou Albano Moved To Iraq So He Could Get Shot (0:25)
13. Lowt Ide - The Hymn Of Healing (0:49)
14. Lowt Ide - Mother North (6:20)
15. Lowt Ide - As My Hands Gently Rub Her Pussy (2:33)
16. Lowt Ide - Speak To Me/Breathe/On The Run (6:51)
17. Lowt Ide - Driving Home And A Slut Swallowed My Load (live) (2:11)
18. Lowt Ide - Creep (0:46)
19. Lowt Ide - Your Turn 3 (0:19)
20. Lowt Ide - I Got Judd In My Bones (0:30)
21. Lowt Ide - Come Scab (Theme From 'Afro Beach') (0:25)
22. Lowt Ide - Shit... (0:39)
23. Lowt Ide - ...And Piss (0:34)
24. Lowt Ide - Lowt Ide Has A High R.O.I. (1:02)
25. Lowt Ide - The Stranger (2:14)
26. Lowt Ide - TBN (0:05)
27. Lowt Ide - Scott Stapp Fucking Garfield (2:22)
28. Lowt Ide - Metal #1 (2:43)
29. Lowt Ide - An Enlarged Penis Penetrates Super Mario's Ass (0:45)
30. Lowt Ide - LO!L@* (2:27)
31. Lowt Ide - Cactus Cunt Johnny's (1:36)
32. Lowt Ide - Mackerel Sky (2:40)
33. Lowt Ide - Hair Lampshade Ceiling (Parts 1, 2 & 3) (5:06)
34. Lowt Ide - I Won't Forget You (2:27)
35. Lowt Ide - Bring God Back To America (2:42)
36. Lowt Ide - Little Kid's Bike (1:34)
37. Lowt Ide - The Hymn Of The Blood '09 (0:31)
38. Lowt Ide - Beach 2000 (2009) vs Door (Live At UMass Amherst) (0:42)
39. Lowt Ide - Ryan Healy Goes To Subway (1:06)
40. Lowt Ide - I Swear My Herpes Are In The Inactive Stage (0:09)
41. Lowt Ide - Bonus Track (2:34)

Lowt Ide was too lazy to record an album this year so instead they shat out another "worst of" compilation, spanning all 10 years of their mediocrity and Satanism. I'm happy they were finally able to admit their drug problems through the album title, something I had suspected for years.

Why these guys don't try and reform the band Splice is beyond my grasp. We can only hope this remains a possibility for the future, as many Splice covers and tributes were included on Fuck You Mom, such as their a capella cover of the classic "Mackerel Sky," and the tribute "Ryan Healey Goes To Subway," as well as an excerpt from the unfortunate 8-minute slop garden known as "Ryan Healey College." Only 41 seconds have been included here, but it still feels like 8 minutes. (Other Splice teases appear in the intro of "As My Hands Gently Rub Her Pussy," where the guitar intro of "Door" is sampled, as well as "Beach 2000 (2009) vs Door (Live At UMass Amherst)," where it appears 2 songs have been thrown into a blender and left incomprehensible to the listener.)

A few previously unreleased recordings emerge here, most notably the long fabled "Hair Lampshade Ceiling," only played publicly 9 times throughout the last 10 years. However, Lowt Ide made the unfortunate decision to include the performance of this trainwreck from their first concert in August of 2000, complete with annoyingly loud voicemail messages being blasted over the PA system. The only song I'm truly happy to see here is their cover of Billy Joel's "The Stranger." I would have liked to have heard more of their covers of Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox 20, which previously appeared on 2005's This Album Fucking Sucks, an album which was hardly represented in this collection (only 3 songs by my count).

Lowt Ide should be ashamed of themselves. I hate them.

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