Sunday, June 20, 2010

80's Jams #73: The Replacements "Alex Chilton" (1987)

A homage to Paul Westerberg's underdog songwriting hero, "Alex Chilton" succinctly captures Big Star fans' feelings about that band's music with one simple line: "I'm in love with that song." As with Westerberg's other subjects and protagonists, Chilton serves as the ultimate outsider. In the view of Westerberg and other fans, Chilton's intelligent power pop anthems and gorgeous ballads should have resulted in rock stardom for him and his band, where those "millions" did flock to see him. The beauty of the writing is that the author can create such a wishful scenario, even if it is only imagined. Alas, the similarly influential Replacements also enjoyed precious little commercial success and, like Big Star, never really graduated beyond cult-band status, while those directly influenced by them reaped far more rewards. Obviously, this is one reason Westerberg identified with Chilton. "I never travel far/Without a little Big Star." -- Allmusic

It was either the album cover or some random dude playing Rock Band... I chose the album cover...

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