Sunday, June 20, 2010

80's Jams #75: Suicidal Tendancies "Institutionalized" (1983)

One of the first hardcore bands to shrug off the distinction between punk and metal, Suicidal Tendencies — formed in Venice, California in 1982 as a personal soapbox for fiery singer Mike Muir (and once voted both Worst Band and Best New Band by the readers of Flipside magazine) — made its intentions to not be contained by genre or expectations known early by selling scads of its first album, produced clearly by Glen E. Friedman. Half-sung, half-recited and built on repeated sudden tempo changes, "Institutionalized" is a unique, devastating centerpiece. One of the era's quintessential expressions of teen dislocation, it converts generation gap misunderstandings into a complete communications breakdown, encapsulating all the punk sociology of such films as Repo Man and Suburbia in four minutes. --

Warning: this video is kind of terrible

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