Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2000's Guilt #03: Nelly “Flap Your Wings” (2004)

(For some reason, there's a different song playing in this video up until the 0:36 mark.)

"Hot in Herre," "EI," "Ride Wit Me," "Country Grammar.." These are normally listed as the most essential Nelly jams. For white and older humans, they may be familiar with "Over and Over." Apparently that piece of shit "Grillz" was at #1 for a week a few years ago. But for some reason, no one's ever heard "Flap Your Wings," essentially the sequel to the hugely successful "Hot In Herre," although filled with more subtitles and less immediate hooks, signaling the start of a more beat-centered era for The Neptunes. As there were less immediate hooks and it wasn't as easy to here Pharrell singing over the track, it was considered a disappointment at the time which is probably why radio never played it. The major hook of the song becomes obvious towards the very end of the song which only includes percussion and drums. Infectious drumloops like these are hard to come by these days.

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