Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2000's Guilt #11: BBMak “Back Here” (2000)

Not sure if this is really embarrassing or just somewhat... but "Back Here" is another one of those singles that we went fucking APESHIT for. It started out modestly enough as our #4 guilty pleasure single of 2000, and eventually achieved such accolades as being named the 45th best song OF ALL TIME on March 18th 2003. (An officially posted alltime list on 10/8/04 also includes "Back Here" at #114.) Just in case anyone was wondering, this is a gross overstatement. Nostalgia has strangely had an opposite effect on this song, making it seem more embarrassing as opposed to more endearing, but we still feel strongly enough to place it above anything from those fucking old creepy weirdos in Backstreet Boys or Take That. If you disagree, you are frontin'.

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