Monday, August 15, 2011

2000's Guilt #25: Ginuwine "Differences" (2002) / Mario "Let Me Love You" (2004)

I recall incorrectly assuming that Timbaland produced "Differences" simply because it's Ginuwine, which does not make any sense. P.S. I'm watching this video for the first time, and I'm getting the same vibe as when I saw "Pony" for the first time a few months ago... Are all of Ginuwine's videos this amazing? Would the Ginuwine DVD boxed set be a worthwhile investment? We'll look into this matter and report back.

The Mario track was written by Ne-Yo (iirc) which explains how such a simple slow-jam can resonate (although I think part of the reason why it stood out had a lot to do with a lack of traditional-sounding slow jams throughout that year). 2005's guilty pleasures list placed "Let Me Love You" at #5, and the only interesting thing we wrote was that it has a good bridge section.

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