Monday, August 15, 2011

2000's Guilt #24: Peter Searcy “Losing Light Fast” (2000) / Matchbox 20 “Unwell” (2001)

Nobody knows who Peter Searcy is, but I promise you "Losing Light Fast" is a fucking banger of a pop-song, which we pretty much only heard during the dying days of 120 Minutes in late-Spring 2000 (and possibly in light rotation on WLIR). The album title Could You Please And Thank You conjures similarities to equally awkward and pseudo-poetic album titles such as Counting Crows' August And Everything After and most obviously Matchbox 20's Yourself Or Someone Like You, which is where the Matchbox connection arrives.

[Edit 7/15/2014: LOL well we now have figured out that he was a member of Slint's posse and played in the dope mid-80s Louisville band Squirrel Bait, which is a far distance from the lighter mom-rock of this banger.]

I'm not sure how "Unwell" made this list and not Train's "Drops Of Jupiter" but whatever...

P.S. Some fun comparisons... "Losing Light Fast" on Youtube is up to 826 views while "Unwell" is now up to 2,367,964 views. It's entirely possibly that an appearance on our 2000's Guilty Pleasures singles is the best promotion this song has received in years.

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