Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2000's Guilt #04: American Hi-Fi “Flavor of the Weak” (2001)

We're now getting into the shit that stood a chance for inclusion in "2000's jams" (or whatever it ends up being called), although these two countdowns will be purposely avoiding redundancy. ("Flavor of the Weak" placed #3 on 2001's guilty pleasure list.)

Checking Wikipedia, the singer used to be the drummer for Veruca Salt and is currently the drummer for Miley Cyrus along with 2 other members of American Hi-Fi, who are surprisingly still functioning as a band in 2011. Superfluous and awkward usage of "Nintendo" in the chorus can be attributed to sub-Weezer leanings, although the song did end up foreshadowing some of the best un-edgy mainstream rock singles of the next few years. The guiltiest awesome-est moment of this song is probably in the last 15 seconds when the line "She makes me weak" arrives just before that final sustained unresolved chord. Fuck you, this shit rules.

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