Monday, August 15, 2011

2000's Guilt #23: Panic at the Disco “That Green Gentleman” (2008) / Panic! at the Disco “New Perspective” (2009)

“That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)” placed at #9 on the Guilty Pleasure Singles Of 2008:

For album #2, Panic decided to drop their punctuation, change their image, and change their sound. But they still can only record 3 good songs per album, so I guess despite the song’s title, things haven’t changed all that much. ... “That Green Gentleman” is by far the best song this band has ever recorded ... [we are] surprisingly interested in where they’re headed musically. - TMK, December 2008

The following year, "New Perspective" was our #13 song of the year:

[We] incorrectly assumed "New Perspective" to be a transitional single, signaling what to expect from their 3rd album. But instead, it turns out they've split up! Panic! (now once again with their original punctuation) is currently only the singer and drummer, while the guitarist and bass player have formed another more Sgt Pepper-influenced project called The Young Veins... - TMK, 1/1/10

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