Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2000's Guilt #07: Crazy Town “Butterfly” (2000)

This was our #10 guilty pleasure song of 2001, and I never bothered trying to locate the sample until just now... go to 0:51...

So even though the majority of the elements in "Butterfly" are incredibly lame, that sample is strong enough to go on for 10 minutes straight and still sound amazing. There's a lot to be embarrassed about besides that... "Me and you is like Sid and Nancy." Yuck. But whatever... It doesn't matter, because for 3 minutes we're grooving to one of the sickest bass samples since "The Humpty Dance." Is Flea a genius? We're thinking "possibly." Granted, RHCP can get pretty lame at times, but when they were on their shit, they fucking killed it. Also, the member of Crazy Town who discovered how well this bassline works over a hiphop beat deserves a fucking medal (which they kind of received already since this was a #1 single and resulted in a platinum record).

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