Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2000's Guilt #16: Samantha Mumba “Gotta Tell You” (2000)

Another overseas artist... Turns out Samantha is from Ireland. Also, I'm just now realizing that I have not heard this song in over 10 years until this exact moment... So when "Gotta Tell You" was chosen for "2000's Guilt," the song playing in my head did not match the sounds on the video posted below... She sounds like the victim of an awful karaoke song-choice, hopelessly out of the singer's range. And to make matters even stranger, the video posted here is a lipsynching performance, meaning this is really how the song actually sounds. How about that... We finally found someone J.Lopez and Britney would beat in a singing contest. Back in 2000, pop stars with horrendously awful voices were a lot more commonplace. And I'm fairly positive this dance performance is right around 5th grade talent show caliber as well.

If you're strong enough to make it to the chorus, I guess it's not THAT bad...

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