Monday, August 15, 2011

2000's Guilt #28: Stacie Orrico "Stuck" (2003)

We kinda went apeshit over this one... #1 Guilty Pleasure single of 2003...

I'm as shocked as you are. How, exactly, is it even fathomable for a CCM artist, in the teen-pop genre, no-less, to record a single [with] this many hooks? ... By their nature, CCM artists have no choice but to be safer versions of their Top 40 counterparts. Teen-pop singers have a tendancy to seem "safe" (on the surface) anyway, which makes them more likely to be considered "real," as opposed to punk rock (MxPx) or metal (P.O.D.), and at the same time, less likely to be dull enough to make the listener want to drive off a cliff, such as in the adult-contemporary category (Amy Grant). - TMK, 12/31/03

8 years later, it's shockingly not that bad...

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