Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2000's Guilt #10: Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow “Picture” (2002)

Similar to our Lenny Kravitz post, we cannot proceed without stating how much damage Kid Rock has done to American music, if for no other reason than his assistance with giving Uncle Kracker a recording contract, but more importantly because his music always seems to provide false justification for American ignorance. (This is a guy who literally spent money to have a Radiohead logo printed onto toilet paper.) That said, "Picture" is without question the one instance when he was able to provide any substantial depth in one of his radio singles. Wikipedia does not provide information on who had a bigger hand in songwriting between Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock, but seeing as how Crow had already established herself as the better songwriter (and better singer) between the two, it's not especially difficult to figure out. P.S. Cool guitar solo, not.

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