Thursday, March 4, 2010

60 Guiltiest Pleasure Singles Of The 90's

Hello friends........ After having this content stored on my laptop for over a year, I figure it's time we unleash the beast... And this is a risk, because I've decided upon a more spontaneous approach... (The 60 songs are being pulled from a list of 100... the content is for the most part only half finished... etc, etc... Nobody reads this.. It's gonna be a mess anyway..)

The title of this list should be self-explanatory.. But I'll try and establish some quick points anyway...

#1 The definition of "guilty pleasure" is that which is a consumer enjoys while being knowingly bad for him or her.

#2 The term itself has been given a bad name as of the past few years, and ever since 1999 until the present, the label "guilty pleasure" in specific relation to pop music has constantly been considered more and more unfashionable. This occurred in the aftermath of 2 major events...

a. Younger and less "rockist" music critics (armchair or otherwise) began arriving in droves at various publications.
b. From the late 90's until the present, pop has also increase in quality significantly. When the quality increase took place between 1999 and 2001, people were so shocked that they assumed these great songs must be "guilty pleasures," those which were likely only truly enjoyable within that particular moment, which would merely be remembered as nostalgia 10 or 20 years down the road. Attitudes such as these are now among the many to now be considered "rockist."

This attitude in itself will not come into play for the 60 songs in this list. For example, "Baby One More Time" will not be appearing, because it has proven itself to be a true obvious classic of the 1990's, just as much as "Nuthin' But A G Thing" or "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

Rather, the 60 songs on this list are those which are "widely considered" highly laughable or lame or mediocre, but we personally still like them anyway. While understanding these to be less-than-tremendous works of art, they are still enjoyable for one reason or another... albiet embarrassing. These will not be proudly OR ironically getting blasted from car stereos anytime soon.

(And yes, this is all just based upon personal opinion... Throughout the 00's, on the geocities version of Taste My Kids, we posted several "top 10 guilty pleasure singles of the year" lists, which normally all came with similar statements disclaiming these to be all based solely upon personal opinion, which is also the case for this top 60...)

Get ready for some shame..................

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