Friday, March 19, 2010

90's Guilty Pleasures #30: Sugar Ray "Someday" (1999)

After a thorough search, I'm unable to locate any internet video of Mark McGrath furiously enraged and threatening to kick some 15-year-old's ass for calling him "Sugar Gay." That's unfortunate, since it would have worked nicely to demonstrate the "guilt" factor of enjoying any Sugar Gay song (along with the horrendously off-putting alt-metal from the Floored LP). However, VH1's now-canceled Rock N' Roll Jeopardy series exposed Mark as an unlikely music nerd, adding an extra layer of context to non-album tracks such as the Weezer-influenced "Rivers" and their note-for-note cover of "Little Saint Nick."

While "Fly" is still the most annoyingly overrated Sublime ripoff ever, it still points directly toward the surprisingly well-executed singles from 14:59, especially "Someday," which somewhat foreshadowed summery 00's alt-rock singles such as Beck's "Girl."

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