Sunday, March 7, 2010

90's Guilty Pleasures #43: Aerosmith "What It Takes" (1991)

Aerosmith fans should consider facing the hard reality that everything they released after Pump was a drop in quality. With “What It Takes” and “Janie’s Got A Gun,” it was clear they still had a few more great songs in them. By 1993, “Cryin’” got all the credit even though it’s forced melodrama with annoying saxophones, when the only thing that truly made “Cryin’” (or the 2 singles after it) noteworthy was that it inspired millions of 13-year-old masturbatory fantasies of Alicia Silverstone. In terms of musical relevance, “What It Takes” is by far their best heartbreak jam and should be canonized along with Def Lep’s “Love Bites” and Scorpions’ “Still Loving You” as among the all time greatest Monster Ballads.

Edit: The last minute of this song is actually kinda weak, and there's way too much accordion.. sooo it doesn't really live up to the 2 Monster Ballads mentioned above. But there's still some good stuff going on besides that. Too bad this video is a shit pile.

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