Tuesday, March 9, 2010

90's Guilty Pleasures #31: K-Ci And Jojo "All My Life" (1998)

I can't think of anything remotely intelligent to say about this song, so I'm just gonna quickly comment on something I just read on Wikipedia... It claims the piano intro is an interpolation of "Cliffs Of Dover," which I refuse to believe was intentional. Although the 2 melodies are identical, there's no way in hell K-Ci and Jojo drive their pimp cars around around their hometown pumping Eric Johnson and Joe Satriani. (That would kind of kick ass if that were true... I've had similar fantasies about 50 Cent driving around Brooklyn pumping Of Montreal's The Sunlandic Twins through the boomin' system.)

Ballads with this much groove only show up once every few years, and this still receives heavy radio airplay on Top 40 stations. (A smart move, since IMHO there's no touching the dial for this one.) Also, this is a superior song to BlackSTREET's "Before I Let You Go," but I just wanna post the video for it anyway cos I like it. I'm not sure what they have in common, except for a minute or two I thought it was Jodeci.

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