Saturday, March 20, 2010

90's Guilty Pleasures #25: P.M. Dawn "I'd Die Without You" (1992)

The guilt here derives from normally negative reactions towards playing this song on the radio, which has happened to me at least twice. But a great pop song is simply that, regardless as to whether Pavement fans think it's boring.

It's unfortunate there hasn't been much else quite like P.M. Dawn before or since.. Arrested Development often get lumped into the same category, who always seemed far more involved with their statement and their image, rather than generating anything truly otherworldly like P.M. Dawn. They're essentially a fusion of new age (think "Pure Moods") with smooth R&B and pop sensibilities, occasionally with a decent helping of love for 80's pop music (especially on early singles such as the brilliant "Set Adrift On Memory Bliss" and "Looking Through Patient Eyes"). Oh, and the chill lead vocalist is kind of amazing.

"I'd Die Without You" is also unfortunately associated with a really horrible-looking chick-flick starring Eddie Murphy called Boomerang, a movie I've never seen, although I enjoyed the soundtrack a whole bunch when I was 12.

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