Thursday, March 11, 2010

90's Guilty Pleasures Half-Time Wrap-Up

It's half-way. Time to reflect...

Since the unveiling began a week ago, we've slowly realized that these songs have been making up the majority of our brain's soundtracks... This raises the possibility that the unveiling may have eluded to some form of unanticipated therapy, where the guilt-level somehow becomes somewhat lifted from our collective shoulders... Regardless, the enjoyment was never denied in the first place.

The label "guilty pleasure" was only really used here because it was convenient. These still remain all songs that go against the grain of what we would expect ourselves to enjoy, and it's still music that we're not planning on blasting from our cars anytime soon (not without irony anyway).

Here's a quick wrap-up...

60. Jesus Jones "Right Here Right Now" (1991) / EMF "Unbelievable" (1991)
59. Soul Asylum "Somebody To Shove" (1992)
58. The New Radicals "You Get What You Give" (1998)
57. Whitney Houston "I'm Your Baby Tonight" (1990)
56. Ben Folds Five "Brick" (1997)
55. Quad City DJ's "C'Mon And Ride It (The Train)" (1996)
54. Marilyn Manson "Sweet Dreams" (1996)
53. Eve 6 "Inside Out" (1998) / Eve 6 "Leech" (1998)
52. Janet Jackson "Escapade" (1990) / Janet Jackson "Come Back To Me" (1990)
51. Toad The Wet Sprocket "All I Want" (1992)
50. Positive K "I Got A Man" (1993)
49. Len "Steal My Sunshine" (1999)
48. The Wallflowers "Sixth Avenue Heartache" (1996)
47. TLC "Baby Baby Baby" (1992) / TLC "Red Light Special" (1995)
46. The Presidents Of The United States Of America "Peaches" (1996)
45. Silverchair "Ana's Song (Open Fire)" (1999)
44. Michael Jackson "Stranger In Moscow" (1996)
43. Aerosmith "What It Takes" (1991)
42. Nada Surf "Popular" (1996)
41. Montell Jordan "Get It On Tonite" (1999)
40. Metallica "Hero Of The Day" (1996)
39. M.C. Hammer "U Can't Touch This" (1990)
38. Prince & The New Power Generation "Diamonds And Pearls" (1991) / "Money Don't Matter 2 Night" (1992) / "7" (1992)
37. Crash Test Dummies "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" (1994)
36. Seal "Kiss From A Rose" (1995)
35. U2 "Lemon" (1993)
34. Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories "Stay (I Missed You)" (1994)
33. Jordan Knight "Give It To You" (1999)
32. Green Jelly "Three Little Pigs" (1993)
31. K-Ci & JoJo "All My Life" (1998)

More shame is on the way.. Probably starting up again sometime this weekend.

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