Friday, March 5, 2010

90's Guilty Pleasures #50: Positive K "I Got A Man" (1993)

The guilt:: Given the proper circumstances, this song could be heard as incredibly annoying. And it's by no means straight-up hiphop... Such as other 90's hits from artists like Coolio or Naughty By Nature, it's the type of hiphop that's essentially made for the pop charts. And to make matters worse, it skates along the "novelty" perimeter ever so carefully (like Skee-Lo or Sagat) while never managing to completely fall in the hole.

The pleasure:: If you weren't already aware of this very fun trivia, get ready to have your mind completely blown: Positive K performed both the male AND female vocals in "I Got A Man." (As stated so eloquently by the geniuses at Wikipedia, he used "studio technology" to raise the pitch of his voice for the girl vox.) And yes, it's annoying, but in such an amazing way! Sexual harassment in pop music never came with more smiles and sunshine! Hating "I Got A Man" might just possibly equate to hating fun... just maybe...

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