Tuesday, December 6, 2011

80's Guilt #02: Wham! "Freedom" (1984)

The song "Faith" is arguably just as beloved among 80's pop fans as "Kiss" by Prince, and George Michael's solo career took an unexpected turn when he got slightly angrier and refused to appear in the "Freedom '90" video. However, Wham's image lacks anything that could possibly doubt their extreme flamboyance, with a discography that continues to emphasize every possible definition the word "gay" currently possesses.

Interesting info from Wikipedia: "Faith" was actually intended to be the sequel of "Freedom." We also never realized the intro of "Faith" is actually "Freedom" played on a church organ!

We had considered tying "Freedom" with 2 of the singles from Wham's follow-up LP The Edge Of Heaven. We'll link to them below, but "Freedom" feels like their most proudly gay moment. The gayest song from the most awesomely gay '80s pop group (even though it's written about girls).

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