Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sick Vids Brah 2011 #10: Rihanna "We Found Love"

We're at an unfortunate spot here, because we're "settling." Under different circumstances, "We Found Love" would not have made our list, but we haven't found a whole lot of 2011 videos that caught our attention. (And we've been relentlessly searching, so it's not our fault...)

We're actually upset about this video because of the song itself. Calvin Harris' production is decently exciting enough to match the intensity of the images, but the vocal melody is just too bland. Once upon a time, there was a video by Prodigy called "Smack My Bitch Up" which is essentially the same video as "We Found Love" done 1000x better.

Honestly, this video is noteworthy for only one reason... Around 4:02, there's a quick shot of her vomiting some type of neon glow-in-the-dark substance, giving the impression she ate about 50 of those lime green Laffy Taffy's and another 50 blue raspberry Laffy Taffy's, and then chased it with a pint of Jameson and a fifth of Dewer's. And if this was the case, then we admire her dedication.

(Everyone probably wants us to say we chose this video because Rihanna looks sexy as fuck, which we'd be happy to state as noteworthy had there not been about 900 other videos we saw this year with nice-lookin ladies. As Jay-Z once said about Rihanna, "She walked in. Played me the tape. She look good. Signed her that day." So yeah, she look good. But that's not why we chose the video.)

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