Saturday, December 3, 2011

80's Guilt #08: Rick Springfield "Love Is Alright Tonight" (1981)

Alcohol and heroin usage are often attributed to heartfelt pain, which Rick Springfield was reported as feeling often throughout the past 20 years. Some of that pain was surely behind the immense gun-to-the-head tension heard on Working Class Dog, one of the most unjustly unheralded power-pop albums of the 1980's.

People do heroin so they can feel no pain. Living on the brink, second by second by minute by minute.

On the day Aaliyah died in late-August 2001, two of my friends and myself who were going through some serious-ass State/Stella withdrawal took a train into Manhattan to see Wet Hot American Summer which was probably the first time I heard "Love Is Alright Tonight" since possibly 8 years prior (and the time between age 13 and age 21 is fairly enormous, so it was a really long time) and it was an unexpected "holy shit" kind of feeling combined with witnessing one of the most amazing movie montages that has ever existed...

This album also includes "Jessie's Girl" which is just as good as "Your Love" by The Outfield, except possibly better, and anyone who thinks "Don't Stop Believing" is a better song than "Jessie's Girl" can eat a plate full of a week's worth of my own shit. I will personally shit on a fucking plate and feed it to you.

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