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Hot Mix 2011: #90 to 81

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90 Fucked Up “A Little Death”
Who doesn't want a little death in their lives? We're confused about the history of the songs on David Comes To Life since there are several Fucked Up songs dating as far back as 2005 (on the "Mix Tape Volume One" release) with titles that allude to a character called "David" including one song titled "David Comes To Life" (from their debut LP). They've done a great job of confusing us and rocking the fuck out of our worlds. Also, Damian's interview with BrokeNCyde from about a year ago is now among our favorite internet oddities, mostly because he appears to be a genuine fan...

89 Milk Music “No Life”
We're happy to notice lots of asskicking rock coming from Olympia over the past year or two. Possibly as a result of their recent profile on Pitchfork, Milk Music's Bandcamp.Com page appears to have been removed, which is some serious ass bullshit... Whatever. Buy the album.

88 The Cars “Sad Song”
The intro of "Sad Song" evokes smiley nostalgia, totally ripping off The Cars' own "My Best Friend's Girl" and "Let's Go" in a way that couldn't possibly get anyone upset, which is essentially the atmosphere throughout their 2011 reunion LP. The late Benjamin Orr's contributions are sadly missed, although Ric Ocasek's first Cars' songs in 25 years still sound as if the band never split up. Recommended for any casual fans.

87 Cave “W U J”
2011 was the type of year when a revival from a genre as obscure as krautrock wouldn't have surprised anyone. It hasn't truly taken off yet, although signs have been pointing in that direction considering Can's surprising surge in popularity along with 2009's self-titled Beak> LP and Cave's Neverendless from a few months back. P.S. What the fuck, ANOTHER band whose Bandcamp.Com page seems to have disappeared??? Well at least their video is interesting...

86 Ke$ha “Blow”
This might be Ke$ha's first ever placement in a year-end list ever since we initially placed "Tik Tok" as the fourth worst song of 2009, a poor decision in hindsight. "We R Who We R" and "Blow" have assisted in viewing her first few singles from a different perspective, one where she seems totally in place with the world of 2011 pop alongside the enormous recent influence of Andrew WK and, strangely enough, Rebecca Black's "Friday," the ultimate trifecta of "Party Hard" (just in case any concert promoters want to score an historic triple billing in 2012). We also don't really understand what's happening in the video with Dawson's Creek, but whatever... Ke$ha has proven herself. She's pulling her weight. We love the build in the middle of this one, with "We're taking over!" spoken through auto-tune.

85 Kreayshawn “Gucci Gucci”
Random shit about Kreayshawn:
  • Possible one-hit-wonder, although someone already made a videogame about her.
  • The beat of "Gucci Gucci" reminds us of Bruno from Da Ali G Show.
  • Left Brain from Odd Future is in the video. They're friends or something.
  • The video makes it look like she walks up to a random chick at the beginning and motions as if to say "I like your style," and they hang out and dance horribly for the next hour or so, although Kreayshawn's description makes it sound like the other girl (played by her sister) caught her attention by walking out of a Gucci store, which conflicts with the lyrics of the song.
  • She's also cute and wears anal beads around her neck.
  • Did we mention we love their amazingly horrible dance moves? They sure do enjoy waving their hands around. (Fuckin white chicks, man...)

    84 Radiohead “Separator”
    If TKOL were instead released by Add N To (X) or Burial, everything would've been a-okay and we could have all jerked off to this album in unison. But since it was released by the same band who made The Bends, everyone's all like "UuuUhuuhhh" and making grunt noises without bothering to hear any of the songs. Once again, "Separator" is another jam completely indebted to Colin Greenwood's sick basslines. The only real complaint we have with King of Limbs is that the same band took less than two years to record OK Computer and its 9 b-sides, whereas we waited for longer than double that time for an 8-song LP and a handful of less-than-stellar non-album tracks. The question remains, will Radiohead dust-off their guitars and record the next great rock record? Stranger things have happened...

    83 Toro Y Moi “Still Sound”
    We love Fender Rhodes so much. So fucking much, you have no idea... Moon Safari influence doesn't hurt either. Toro Y Moi's 2011 awesomeness seems far more attributed to production elements than to songwriting, which is a good thing, digging up some of those sounds from what we like to call "grocery store jams," borrowing elements from the AOR of the late 70's and early 80's.

    82 Jonny “Candyfloss”
    Jonny is a sort-of supergroup featuring dudes from Teenage Fanclub and former members of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci. If you're familiar with these two, you know exactly what to expect... "Candyfloss" mostly made us nostalgic for John Peel's Festive 50, as both bands frequently placed. We're still confused by the false ending, unsure whether it's a mistake or how the song is really supposed to sound...

    81 The Strokes “Under Cover Of Darkness”
    Early-2000's nostalgia has started creeping up on popular culture. We previously mentioned the emo-revival featuring new releases from Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Rival Schools, Saves The Day, Thursday and a shitload of bands that we didn't know were still around... Also, The White Stripes split up, and The Strokes ended their five-year hiatus with their least impressive LP yet. "Under Cover Of Darkness" is the only song that came close to the magic on their first three records, specifically the chorus and the guitar solo. If they can get their shit together in time for album #5, the impending early-2000's revival will be hugely welcoming of new asskicking jams from these guys.

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