Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Don't Cry" Feature at Spin.Com

For some reason SPIN decided to list their 10 favorite videos of 1991 which includes Guns N' Roses "Don't Cry," a wise decision since it's possibly the greatest video of alltime...

Here's our favorite quote from the brief interview:
Marks: Weren't [the Use Your Illusion trilogy] based on a book [Axl] read?
Tannenbaum: He wanted to do something with a friend of his... It's not Josh Richman, although he is credited at the beginning of "Don't Cry" as a co-writer. Which is another funny thing about "Don't Cry." It has opening credits? Which is just so fucking pretentious...

I suppose it's possible this guy hasn't seen any recent rap videos, since "Opening Credits" were probably the #1 biggest trend this year... There must have been at least 20 cases where a silent 30-second huge-font opening montage leads into the most typical-looking rap video you could possibly imagine. (They were all so typical that we can't recall which rappers were in the videos. Rick Ross was probably in most of them. "M-M-M-M-MAYBACK MUSIC.") At least "Don't Cry" had an opening credit that lead into something exciting.

And plus, there's 90-seconds of closing credits at the end of "Thriller," while Scorsese's 14-minute version of "Bad" had opening credits sneaking onto the picture 3-minutes into the video. And both of these videos pre-dated "Don't Cry." So what?

Here's our review of the "Don't Cry" video from a couple years ago...

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