Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sick Vids Brah 2011 #08: Tyler the Creator featuring Frank Ocean "She"

A quick one before passing out drunk... If any of this doesn't make sense, it's because I drank beer.

We think this one may have been a bit underrated... People accordingly went nuts over "Yonkers" a few months earlier, but "She" was our favorite summer '11 video, a neatly executed clip met with almost no fanfare, other than its relentless spins on MTV-U, which we've learned don't count for shit...

In "She," fantasy elements encourage an extension of beliefs on behalf of the viewer. Frank Ocean pulls out an uzi which just happens to be allowed on the bed of a suburban chick who lives with her dad. Cops arrest Tyler for no apparent reason and then get distracted enough for him to sneak out of their car. And yet it's not necessarily a flawed narrative... Every image, especially the strongest ones, fit the song and project creativity as vividly and sinister as Tyler projects throughout Goblin, and it's nothing like any other rap video we've seen before or since.

The only uncool part is showing the chick as Tyler calls out the c-word... That made us uncomfortable. But it was censored on TV, so no big deal.

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