Saturday, December 3, 2011

80's Guilt #07: Hall & Oates "Guessing Games" (1982)

Still drunk, and using this as an excuse for lackluster postings. There weren't many album tracks on the 80's Guilt Mix, but if there was an album to be represented it has to be H20 by Hall & Oates, two dudes who met in an elevator after they were in a gang fight. They were so badass, they even smoked cigs............

Yo, guess what... we love Hall & Oates. The only bad thing about Hall & Oates is their guitar player was that fucking douchebag G.E. Smith from SNL, but besides that they're just as good as Big Star or Teenage Fanclub. Sort of... "I Can't Go For That" and "Say It Isn't So" are fairly close to being in the same zone of "holy fucking shit awesomeness" as "September Gurls" and "Alcoholiday."

Impromptu Ten best Hall & Oates songs. Find them on Spotify and understand their power...
10. "So Close" (really didn't want to include this because there's an association with Bon Jovi but we are lame so it's here anyway)
9. "Crime Pays"
8. "Dreamtime" (Hall solo)
7. "Wait For Me"
6. "One On One"
5. "Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid"
4. "Delayed Reaction"
3. "Guessing Games"
2. "Say It Isn't So"
1. "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)"

When you think of a really awesome Side B that has 6 songs where the middle 2 songs are fucking amazing, you really should consider the third and fourth songs on H2O, "Guessing Games" and "Delayed Reaction," and so we are actually going to tie those two songs. We could totally understand how some people would prefer one over the other, since "Guessing Games" is like sugary as fuck and "Delayed Reaction" has a slightly more badass nature. Also, the intro with the acoustic guitar is easily confused with the intro of Joy Division's "Love With Tear Us Apart," except they wind up in entirely different directions. Both songs should have been huge hits. We will thusly post both.

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