Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sick Vids Brah 2011 (HM): Rebecca Black "Friday"

We we we so excited to kick off our year-end festivities by crowning Taste My Kids' official "Thing Of The Year Award" to the "Friday" video - truly a piece of internet history - and the gleeful path of mess and disorder left in the wake of Hurricane Rebecca... And we still love her, even though her two follow-up singles were predictably unable to replicate the magic that somehow congealed itself to "Friday." Regardless, nothing can take her moment of glory away from her (or from us, more importantly)....

  • Friday March 11/Saturday March 12: Late Friday going into the morning hours of Saturday, 4chan discovers a new hero for their meme trove.
  • Sunday March 13: This is when we first viewed "Friday" about 12 times. People seemed to have a hard time disassociating the song with the video, and so numerous reviews were immediately posted claiming the song is about "riding in a convertible sports car on the way to school," even though the lyrics clearly mention choosing a seat on a school bus.
  • Monday March 14: By this point, the song is completely brain-lodged, and has somehow magically succeeded in temporarily transforming our miserable lives into a world of joy. We quickly realized that "Friday" is probably the catchiest pop song of 2011, while also wondering if the kids at Rebecca Black's school teased her in math class by singing "Pi Day, Pi Day" since March 14th is 3.14-Day.
  • Tuesday March 15: More parodies were posted, such as the "Bob Dylan" version, which sounds more like Lou Reed to our ears, but nobody notices or cares... (Our favorite is "Gang Fight", uploaded about a week later.) Much of the mystery surrounding Ark Music and "Friday" had been fully exposed by this point, due to curious, bewildered humans demanding to know how something like this could have ever happened.
  • Wednesday March 16: As we waited around for Friday, we realized we were stuck in "the longest week of 2011." In fact, there probably hadn't been a week as enormous since we were Rebecca Black's age. We decided the youthful "long week" feeling is a positive thing, which made us love Rebecca even more. Most of the world continued to hate, however. She had been a trending topic on twitter non-stop for several days with most people saying "she's pretty but sings bad" and other angrier an0ns saying they want to rape and/or stab her. As a result, she decided to become a spokesperson for "bullying," one of the most annoyingly overexposed PSA's of the year.
  • Thursday March 17: Rebecca is championed by Tyler The Creator on Twitter, who says "This Little Bitch Is Tight! Friday Friday" The timing of the song worked nicely as well... Everyone was pretty much ready to be finished with "the worst winter ever." It was just starting to get warmer, a nice time to have such a happy song playing in our heads upon waking up every morning for a week straight. We also realized that Patrice Wilson's "rap" section is the true key to this song, and one of the decade's most outstanding artistic accomplishments.
  • Friday March 18: This was the payoff day for all of us... We finally made it to Friday, Friday. Victory was ours. Thank you Rebecca.
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