Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sick Vids Brah 2011 #05: The Living Sisters "How Are You Doing?"

Now that he's a super in-demand feature director working in big bad Hollywood on stuff like The Green Hornet and Dave Chappelle documentaries, we assumed our favorite video director ever would never return to the world of music vids. However, he threw together a couple nice clips this year, after being relatively absent for the past 5 years... One for Bjork (also posted below) and one for a new group called The Living Sisters (featuring members of The Decemberists and The Bird and the Bee) for a slightly upgraded version of Cibo Matto's "Sugar Water", minus the awesome palindromic visual aspect, but including more of the crazy-life-perspective that's become a staple of his videography, which is helpful for The Living Sisters since this is a song we normally wouldn't care to hear under normal circumstances. But with Gondry in control of the visuals, we're down for pretty much anything...

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