Monday, December 26, 2011


A few tracks from Alone III: The Pinkerton Years have been leaking onto Youtube... The fully formed songs appear to be the most rewarding listens, as opposed to the song fragments that create what we initially assumed were a pair of "Side 2 of Abbey Road" suites, but instead they sound closer to the just recently uncovered demos from The Beach Boys Smile sessions (providing further evidence that Pinkerton just might have been the 90's answer to Pet Sounds).

Either way, it's definitely worth a listen, if you can find it.

The set also includes "Lisa," the only unreleased song from Weezer's series that included "Jamie," "Mykel & Carli" and "Susanne," all songs written for chicks who helped Weezer and were apparently very nice to them while they were in the process of getting signed and on the road to superstardom....

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