Monday, February 25, 2013

new shit: beak, dreezy, anamanaguchi, mbv

We should probably get on the scene of posting some sick new jams. These are our favorite songs of the day:
There's an Atoms For Peace song we like called "Stuck Together Pieces," but it's not streaming anywhere just yet. also...

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Maybe 20 seconds after posting our "albums of the year" we realized that we forgot Krill's Alam No Hris. This was an inexcusable oversight on our part. We fucked up rull good. If you happen to breeze through through our "albums of the year" make extra sure to imagine that this placed somewhere in the middle. We're pretty sure they have a new LP coming out in the next few months.

Here is Krill:

P.S. This was our 1000th post. Huge celebrations.


The only rule is we cannot include albums or releases that have a direct connection to T.Scene or else people will think we're sucking our dicks, even though they all should be in the Top 10 anyway so fuck you. (If anyone who writes for this website is currently playing in a band with anyone, their album is disqualified. So these all didn't make the cut but probably would have been included:

60. My Dick My Dick's Double Full-Length Release

"All these n**** mad, all these ho's mois', 'bout ta get my dick sucked in my Rolls Royce" - Juicy J

59. Fang Island Major

"I sentence you to a lifetime of horror on Monster Island. Don't worry, it's just a name." "What he meant is that Monster Island is actually a peninsula."

58. The Purpletraitor I’m Gonna Fuckin’ Kill You

"I'm gonna dip my weiner in a cereal bowl before you can see me. Oh no, your Oreo-O's are on my weiner now."

57. Ryan Power I Don’t Want To Die

56. Noah Sterba and the Cocktails Chooglin' with the Cocktails

This band possibly has 16 members. (No stream available but cassette can be found here

55. Lee Ranaldo Between The Times

54. Slices Still Cruisin’

More info:

53. Pinback Information Retrieved

Underrated twitter:

52. The Evens The Odds

"Hi, I'm Ian." - Ian MacKaye
Listen to the whole damn thing here:

This reminds us about the 7-inch from Soccer Team.

It's technically not an EP or LP (and also it's technically late-2011) but it should be mentioned here anyway.

51. Sebadoh Secret

"Hi, I'm Jesus." - Jesus of Nazareth

50 FNU Ronnies Saddle Up

Load Records

49 Taylor Swift Red

More info:
IMDB: Big Business (1988)

48 Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras Meet The Congos Icon Give Thank

47 Thurston Moore & John Moloney Caught On Tape


46 Clinic Free Reign

This band never gets sick.
Surgical masks

45 Ed Schrader’s Music Beat Jazz Mind

44 Neil Young & Crazy Horse Psychedelic Pill

Sup Neil.

43 Moon Duo Circles

42 Bruno Mars Unorthodox Jukebox

41 Batcave Batcave EP

We just found out Anyone But The Cops also broke up within the past few weeks. Let's post their shit as well cos we're mad bummed.

40 Sneeze I’m Going To Kill Myself

39 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti Mature Themes

we couldn't find mature themes but this is the ariel pink r stevie moore ku klux glam split collab whatever we drank beer

38 Deftones Koi No Yokan

37 Ringo Deathstarr Mauve

36 Rangda Formerly Extinct

35 Two Inch Astronaut Red Pancake and the Dark Energy

34 Now Now Threads

33 Kitty Pryde The Lizzy McGuire Experience

32 Red Dwarf Tell Your Parents You Want Ballz This Christmas

31 Mac DeMarco Rock and Roll Night Club

30 Daphni Jiaolong

29 Donnie and Joe Emerson Dreamin’ Wild

28 Todd Terje It’s the Arps

27 Can Lost Tapes Box Set

26 Animal Collective Centipede Hz

25 Cloud Nothings Attack On Memory

the whole damn thing:

24 Carter Tutti Void Transverse

23 Grass Is Green Ronson


22 And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead Lost Songs

free pussy riot

21 Frank Ocean channel ORANGE

frank got lost

20 Liars WIXIW

19 Kendrick Lamar good kid, m.A.A.d city

lots of blogs embedded an album stream from grooveshark. heres one of them:

18 Free Lunch window/mirror

there's no such thing as free lunch

17 Nicki Minaj Pink Friday ... Roman Reloaded

Listen before you buy:
Sorry to do this but the album is too long and includes too many shitty/annoying/boring songs to not encourage fantasy tracklistings that end up eliminating about half of the album... The Re-Up has 31 songs. Suddenly Lil B's 34-song mixtapes don't seem so absurd. This tracklisting would have ensured a top 10 albums placement...
1. "Roman Holiday"
2. "Come On A Cone"
3. "I Am Your Leader"
4. "Beez In The Trap"
5. "HOV Lane"
6. "Roman Reloaded"
7. "Stupid Hoe"
8. "I'm Legit"
9. "Gun Shot"
10. "I Endorse These Strippers"
11. "Starships"
12. "The Boys"
Whoa, how about that... a normal-length album with no duds, made up entirely from one-release worth of music. The other 19 songs could have been on some separate bullshit CD that no one cares about. The imaginary 12-song track-list posted here is the reason why this ended up in our top 20.

16 Guided By Voices Class Clown Spots a UFO

We could just as easily do the same thing with GBV as we did with Nicki Minaj, although Guided is a different case since it's actually enjoyable to journey through their 2012 reunion material (somewhere between 60 and 70 songs deep) to locate our favorites. In the middle Class Clown, there's a stretch of about 8 songs straight that feels like a straight-up revelation, where we initially thought this might be as good as Alien Lanes.

15 Various Artists Personal Space: Electronic Soul 1974-1984

excerpts from the album on soundcloud:

14 Pile Dripping

13 Tame Impala Lonerism

psychedelic trippy balls

12 Japandroids Celebration Rock

yell like hell to the heavens

11 Action Bronson & Party Supplies Blue Chips

10 King Tuff King Tuff

09 Goat World Music

oh goat:

08 Lil B God’s Father


07 Broken Water Tempest

honorable mention: their trippy other 2012 LP Seaside & Sedmikrasky has been posted here as well...

06 Farrah Abraham My Teenage Dream Ended

After getting posted alongside her autobiography in August, this album remains shrouded in complete mystery. Farrah has not responded to any requests to answer questions about the process of recording this album. Regardless, it's one of the most fascinating things we've heard all year.

Many videos and tracks available for stream: Youtube

05 Fat History Month Bad History Demos

04 Joey Bada$$ 1999

03 Mac Demarco 2

02 Miguel Kaleidoscope Dream

also special honorable mention for Miguel's 3-part Art Dealer Chic series. the first of these has also been posted below.

01 Beak> >>

yes that's really what the album is called