Monday, June 24, 2013

"Let Me Find Out (Remix)"

No clue what these guys at the beginning are talking about but we want to hang out with them err damn summer day long.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Jamz report & The "New Shit" Radar featuring Yeezus, No Age, Two Inch Astronaut, Fat History Month, ASG, Ryan Power, Ovlov, Speedy Ortiz, Washed Out

Summer Jams 2013
Did we mention that our chief editor fired the entire staff two weeks ago? That explains the infrequent updates. Well that, and the excitement over June-fest, which is sadly almost half over without any big posts.

Summer Jams report is here to help in any way we can.

It's been years since this many summer jams have shown up all at once. (Maybe since 2007. That's a long time ago.) But we're damn good and ready:

Daft Punk "Get Lucky": along with whatever other singles they end up releasing. Duh.

Bruno Mars "Treasure": Yes we're serious. This placed somewhere in the 40s or 50s on our Hot Mix 2012, and we've been pumped to hear radio catching onto it.

Mariah Carey & Miguel "#Beautiful": "Get Lucky," "Treasure" and "#Beautiful" are part of an unexpectedly outstanding trifecta of Top 40 singles that actually sound summery. It's been years since this has come together so nicely, and more summer jams have been proven to assist the vibe's longevity (or "gevity" as Yeezus would say). For example, summer 2012: We were stuck with the standalone summery-sounding "Call Me Maybe" which got old very quickly because it was literally the only good song on the radio for 2 months.

Disclosure "When a Fire Starts to Burn": A P4k jam, and not something we expect to be all over the radio anytime soon. But the hipsters need summer jams too sometimes.

Deerhunter "Back to the Middle": Summer air-guitar in the car.

YEEZUS: With all the "event" albums over the past few months (most of which we're still pretty psyched on), it's possible that we've found the jam album that's gotten us most excited. It's only be a few hours, but we're nearly ready (prematurely?) to go all out and label this "The album of the summer." (Sorry Daft Punk.)


Alright kids, time for THE NEW SHIT RADAR, brought to you by THE INNERNETTE

Kanye West "On Sight"
Thank you leak. Pant fulla bone fully realized. Any attempts to upload these songs to Youtube over the past 3-4 hours have proven unsuccessful, but this shit here might be enough...

No Age "C'mon Stimming"
Def a grower. Normally we would have quickly made this song our top story, but ya'know... Yeezus. (P.S. No Age is still our #1 band of the moment. But I mean c'mon... Yeezus. The fucking Kid A of rap has arrived.)

Two Inch Astronaut "Sternum"
Something weird's been going on when a band leaks five songs from their album prior to its release, but we have no complaints since it's enabled us to get half the album firmly planted in our heads prior to June 18 when the whole thing can finally be processed as a whole. This one got stuck about 2 hours ago:

Fat History Month "Sad History Month"
Intensely deep. Loss for words at how crazy this song is. This is one of those songs that's so good that it's urging us to do exactly what we didn't want to do this December and actually go through with an entire Hot Mix 2013 list all over again. (Damn you Fat.)

ASG "Avalanche"

Ryan Power "New Attitude"

Ovlov "Nu Punk"

Speedy Ortiz "No Below"

Washed Out "It All Feels Right"