Wednesday, June 25, 2014

quick and hasty picks: MJ's downlow dopeness

Hiatus is still going strong, although had to take this quick break to post some MJ jams. This is how we may end up writing some future post-hiatus stuff. "Quick and hasty." Thrown together in haste, quickly.

Five years ago today, this website was in the midst of yet another hiatus, resulting in an unfortunate situation where we were unable to contruct a proper tribute to our favorite singer. As we remember "the day twitter exploded," let's take a look back on the jams that would be on the bizarro universe's "Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits" collection.

Track 1: "Another Part of Me" (1986)
The other song from Captain EO. Later appeared on Bad as the only single that broke his streak of 6 or 7 consistent #1's. As a result, it's less overplayed and fresher-sounding.

Track 2: "Say Say Say" (1984)
Flawness production. Easy to dismiss since it appears on Paul's album and not Michael's, but the drums and bass should dismiss those dismissals.

Track 3: "Torture" (1984)
Michael says "You suck Jermaine." Jermaine says, "no I don't. Remember? 'Tor-ture...'."
#22 on our '80s guilt list.

Track 4: "Give In To Me" (1991)
MJ says "Yo Slash, what's up?" Slash says "[guitar solo]."

Track 5: "Stranger In Moscow" (1995)
MJ's a chill bro.
#44 on our '90s guilt list.

Track 6: "Off The Wall" (1979)
Another collab with Rod Temperton (the dude who wrote "Thriller"). It charted decently well for a song that rarely appears on best-of comps. But that's the thing about MJ: His top 10 bangers (which would suffice for greatest hits material from virtually any other artist) typically get swept under the rug in favor of the ultra-ubiquitous.

Track 7: "This Time Around" (1995)
When Biggy met Michael...

Track 8: "This Place Hotel" (1980)
Originally "Heartbreak Hotel."

Track 9: "State of Shock" (1984)
MJ's like "sup Mick."

Track 10: "You Rock My World"
The perfect closing song to any Michael Jackson comp.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

returning mid-july probably

We're probably ready to return. Give us a few weeks.