Sunday, August 23, 2015

The NEW SHIT Radar: Aug 2015 (Tenement, Beak>, Potty Mouth, Palehound, Tkay Maidza)

Summer's not over yet! In fact the last month of summer is frequently the hottest time of year for summer jams. In fact it's now almost exactly 20 years since Mariah and ODB formed like Voltron for one of the alltime great late-summer jams.

And what do we have here? More good shit:

That Tenement Tape Is On Bandcamp
We had this new 5-Song Tenement cassette thing a few months back not realizing it hadn't been available to all that many people. But apparently it hadn't actually been released yet. Or at least it wasn't available digitally until this weekend. But no big. It's out now and it rules. Very good late-summer driving jams. Take it from us.

Beak Scored the Soundtrack to Some Movie
Here's a trailer for the movie or something:

The Long-Awaited Potty Mouth EP Is Here
Turn this shit up:

Palehound Hits The Road This September
Congrats to Palehound for their huge 4-star review from Rolling Stone! (Holy SHIT!) Also, their new tour poster might be a joke/goof, but if not then it actually (really) is called the "Fuck You Larry" tour (as a possible nod to Susie and every time she yells "fuck you Larry, bullshit motherfucker you are such a bald asshole I can't believe it").

New Tkay Maidza Video Goes Boom
It was almost exactly one year ago that the Singles Jukebox contributors introduced us to Tkay's "U-Huh," which ultimately became our unofficial late-summer jam and 2nd favorite hit of 2015. However, the Jukebox isn't always the most reliable source for consistent recommendations, which is why we're taking their glowing review of "M.O.B." with a grain of salt. We love Tkay though, so we're hopeful it'll evolve into a grower. Check out the video here: