Wednesday, February 9, 2022


Hey, we're back. The demon told us to diss this rock show, but if we don't rock out then we don't get paid. So here we are.

This year's short stack (defined as a pile of 61 LP records stacked up to the ceiling) is a special dedication to anyone out there who just loves music.

The goal here is for everyone reading this to own physical LP copies of every one of these records by the end of next week, so hurry up and get on Bandcamp.Com so you can individually purchase every one of these before that shit sells out. If your turntable needle needs replacing just hit us up and we'll send over one.

And away we go.

61 . Bill Orcutt A Mechanical Joey
August 6, 2021 // San Francisco, California, USA
(Fake Estates)

The internal soliloquy of the world's Master Day Traders

60 . Young Thug Punk
October 15, 2021 // Atlanta, Georgia, USA
(300 Atlantic)

"Look in my eyes. what do you see? A cult of personality" - CM Punk

59 . Jam & Lewis Jam & Lewis: Volume One
July 9, 2021 // Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

"Minneapolis" - janet jackson

58 . Ty Segall Harmonizer
August 3, 2021 // San Francisco, California, USA
(Drag City)

Acid in the vocabulary of the young is short for Christian

57 . Clibbus Horsesatellite
June 4, 2021 // Rochester, New York, USA


56 . Big Heet Playing The Bug
November 19, 2021 // Tallahassee, Florida, USA
(Living Lost)

Herbie: The car with the mind of a good ol doggie

55 . Eyehategod A History of Nomadic Behavior
March 12, 2021 // New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
(Century Media)

As always, the requisite Gummo soundtrack alum

54 . Dummy Mandatory Enjoyment
October 22, 2021 // Los Angeles, California, USA
(Trouble in Mind)

The band that doesn't follow back

53 . Milly Wish Goes On
April 9, 2021 // Bristol, Connecticut, USA

ESPN (in Bristol) used to play that commercial where Arnold Palmer is observed fixing himself an Arnold Palmer, which was a pretty darn good commercial

52 . Haich Ber Na From Then til Now
February 17, 2021 // London, UK


51 . Lindsay Buckingham Lindsay Buckingham
September 17, 2021 // Palo Alto, California, USA

"I think I'm in trouble" says Lindsay Buckingham as the members of Fleetwood Mac throw him off a bridge

50 . Chris Corsano and Bill Orcutt Made Out of Sound
March 26, 2021 // Milton, New York, USA

You can cymbal roll yourself a nice warm glass of shut the fuck up

49 . Pale Waves Who Am I?
February 12, 2021 // Manchester, UK
(Dirty Hit)

The Matrix Resurrections (referring to The Matrix who wrote "Complicated" and that hot Lillix jam)

48 . Failure Wild Type Droid
December 3, 2021 // Los Angeles, California, USA

The band that rolls with a wild crew (actual cowboy hats)

47 . Black Dice Mod Prog Sic
October 1, 2021 // Brooklyn, New York, USA

"Is that supposed to be music or are you dying?" - Everyone during our band's set at the big show that we wrongly assumed anyone would enjoy

46 . Cloud Nothings The Shadow I Remember
February 26, 2021 // Cleveland, Ohio, USA


45 . Chai Wink
May 21, 2021 // Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
(Sub Pop)

Try their signature blend

44 . Beach House Once Twice Melody
November 10, 2021 // Baltimore, Maryland, USA
(Sub Pop)

"Talk to the experts at" - Commercials on OAN

43 . Genesis Owusu Smiling with No Teeth
March 5, 2021 // Koforidua, Ghana
(House Anxiety)

"I'm Barack Hussein Obama and when I say we turn this up, that means we are turning this shit all the way up" - Obama

42 . Jazmine Sullivan Heaux Tales
January 8, 2021 // Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Noice noice

41 . 2nd Grade Wish You Were Here Tour Revisited
June 25, 2021 // Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
(Double Double Whammy)

When I graduated 2nd grade all my dad did was tell me to get a job.

40 . Thirdface Do It With A Smile
March 5, 2021 // Nashville, Tennessee, USA
(Exploding in Sound)

No you

39 . Parannoul / Asian Glow / Sonhos Tomam Conta Downfall of the Neon Youth
October 22, 2021 // Seoul, South Korea

The shape of emo to come

38 . Rosali No Medium
May 7, 2021 // Michigan, USA

A rare "RIYL Liz Phair" artist that actually sounds like Liz Phair

37 . Dridge Curing
June 4, 2021 // Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
(World Gone Mad)

This happened to my buddy Eric

36 . Supermilk Four By Three
July 2, 2021 // London, UK
(Specialist Subject)

Now available in PAL

35 . Drug Church Tawny
June 25, 2021 // Albany, New York, USA
(Pure Noise)

They put the word "drug" in their name. It's crazy that no one has thought of this before.

34 . Solemn Brigham South Sinner Street
September 24, 2021 // Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

"Christopher Marlowe wrote all my plays" - Shakespeare

33 . Various Artists Cameroon Garage Funk
September 3, 2021 // Cameroon
(Analog Africa)

While we were waiting in line at the DMV we set up the PA and blasted the fuck out of Camaroon Garage Funk. To our great surprise, no one was yelling "Ayo shut the fuck up" but instead they were just nodding their heads like "yo mmm yea oh oooh mmmm."

32 . New Last Name PIPIOPI
April 13, 2021 // Anchorage, Alaska, USA

"Crack is just as safe as weed. I give it to my kids all the time." - Bristol Palin

31 . Sunami / Gulch [split]
March 1, 2021 // San Jose & Santa Cruz, California, USA
(Triple B)

30 . Mister Goblin Four People in an Elevator and One of Them Is the Devil
February 19, 2021 // Bloomington, Indiana, USA
(Exploding in Sound)

"You did real good kid" - Hopper (Stranger Things)

29 . Tkay Maidza Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 3
July 9, 2021 // Adelaide, South Australia

Remind me, which was the year that was good?

28 . Jacques Renault Sky Islands
July 16, 2021 // Brooklyn, New York, USA
(Let's Play House)

Jacques, played by Walter Olkewicz, works as a bartender at the Roadhouse as well as a croupier at One Eyed Jack's.

27 . Travis Porter Travy Estate: Back on Bullshit
October 29, 2021 // Decatur, Georgia, USA

Still smokin that la la la like err damn day

26 . Pile In the Corners of a Sphere-Filled Room
May 7, 2021 // Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Pile Broflowski

25 . Hailu Mergia Tezeta
1975 // June 4, 2021 // Debre Birhan, Semian Shewa, Ethiopia // Washington, DC, United States
(Awesome Tapes from Africa)

Open up the pit

24 . Dinosaur Jr Sweep It Into Space
April 23, 2021 // Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

"yea" - J Mascis

23 . Colleen Green Cool
September 10, 2021 // Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
(Hardly Art)


22 . Bongzilla / Tons Doom Sessions Vol. 4
April 23, 2021 // Madison, Wisconsin, USA
(Heavy Psych Sounds)

Listens once: "No more cataracts!"

21 . Faust Punkt
1973 // October 8, 2021 // Hamburg, Germany
(Bureau B)

"Yo, in this last election, we got punk'd" - Ashton Kutcher, 2004

20 . Magdalena Bay Mercurial World
October 8, 2021 // Miami, Florida, USA

I give.

19 . Quicksand Distant Populations
August 13, 2021 // NYC, New York, USA

Sergio is bringing back the aviators.

18 . Fire-Toolz Eternal Home
October 15, 2021 // Chicago, Illinois, USA
(Hausu Mountain)

Music from the Motion Picture The TV Guide Channel: The Movie

17 . Bashford Greener Grasses
December 5, 2021 // Madison, Wisconsin, USA
(Big Neck)

Born to be down

16 . Editrix Tell Me I'm Bad
February 5, 2021 // Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA
(Exploding In Sound)

"You wanna see who's bad?" - Bad Music Video Directed by Martin Scorcese

15 . Parannoul To See The Next Part of the Dream
February 23, 2021 // Seoul, South Korea

Rest assured (see what we did) that you have come to the right place.
-- Facto #1: Sleeping past 6 hours is when the largest percentage of REM is achieved.
-- Facto #2: More REM strengthens memory, and it's also when dreams are most vivid.
-- Facto #3: See chart:

14 . Glitterer Life Is Not A Lesson
February 26, 2021 // Kingston, Pennsylvania, USA

We're feeling Ned's gas mask

13 . Kacey Musgraves Star-Crossed
September 10, 2021 // Golden, Texas, USA
(Interscope MCA Nashville)

"Shake shake shake / Shake shake shake / Get down tonight" - Kacey and the Sunshine Band

12 . Nunslaughter Red Is The Color of Ripping Death
August 27, 2021 // Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
(Hells Headbangers)

"This band kicks serious ass and no one is more surprised than me" - His Holiness, Pope John Francis

11 . Pastor T. L. Barrett I Shall Wear A Crown
September 24, 2021 // NYC, New York, USA

"I cannot lie. This shit rips." - The Dark Lord, Bill Zebub

10 . Ovlov Buds
November 19, 2021 // Newtown, Connecticut, USA
(Exploding In Sound)

Haven't you heard of Vietnam man? All we did over there was burn babies.

9 . Melissa S/T
June 22, 2021 // NYC, New York, USA
(Flesh Prison)

"Podcast ads be like" - King Diamond, 1986

8 . Freak Genes Power Station
February 5, 2021 // Unknown Origin, UK
(Feel It)

Not to be confused with mid '80s supergroup Power Station made up of Robert Palmer, Tony Thompson (Chic), and John & Andy Taylor (Duran Duran).

7 . John Dwyer Moon Drenched
May 28, 2021 // Providence, Rhode Island, USA
(Castle Face)

6 . Guardian Singles Guardian Singles
January 18, 2020 // May 7, 2021 // Auckland, New Zealand
(Trouble In Mind)

"I have so much money now that I'm going to buy and sell all of you." - Peter Jackson from New Zealand

5 . Lily Konigsberg Lily We Need to Talk Now
October 29, 2021 // Hudson, New York, USA
(Wharf Cat)

VH1-wave is back, baby

4 . Silicone Prairie My Life on the Silicone Prairie
February 5, 2021 // Kansas City, Missouri, USA
(Feel It)


3 . Tyler The Creator Call Me If You Get Lost
June 25, 2021 // Los Angeles, California, USA

Don't really call tho bc Tyler actually gave you the number of an Arby's in New Jersey.

2 . Chris Brokaw Puritan
January 15, 2021 // NYC, New York, USA

NEBCO's album of the year. Slowcore except less slow and not really "core" either.

1 . Turnstile Glow On
August 27, 2021 // Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Mack dad will make you jump jump, daddy mack will make you jump jump, kris kross will make you jump jump, u-huh, u-huh