Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Andrew WK interview (2010)

Hey the month of March is ending in 29 minutes so this was probably a good time to remember yet another anniversary that took place 5 years ago this month, which was "that time we interviewed Andrew WK," which took place on March 8, 2010. He played special songs for us n stuff.

Edit: Also within the first 5 minutes of the interview, he asked us if we were familiar with the Danbury Mint, and we responded "no." Not long afterwards I learned that my dad actually works there (in Norwalk, not Danbury) and if I ever meet Andrew WK again I will make sure to mention this.

He was on the phone with us for a REALLY long time. The first two parts have been embedded below...

Monday, March 30, 2015

stellaaauuuhh (2005)

"That time we interviewed Stella" was 10 years ago this month. I remember I got pretty sick that day (resulting in a few voice cracks), and it was kinda snowy and rainy outside. And due to being sick, I was less nervous than I could have been, considering that I was asking questions to my childhood heroes.

I remember that I was more or less obsessed with Howard Stern during that time, and his direct and uncompromising interviewing style influenced me to ask questions that I probably would not have considered asking today. This is mostly referring to a couple Q's from earlier in the interview when I asked whether they only appeared on I Love the '80s and other VH1 specials for the money or if it was something they actually enjoyed - a rude question in retrospect, but whatever. It happened. (Their answer was basically "both.")

I remember Eugene Mirman was the opening act, and that I could have easily asked him some stuff as well, but my co-host (who took some sweet photos and videos) and I were too tired and I was feeling crummy. (I recall watching Eugene and Stella's set from a table close to the exit on the side of the room far away from where everyone else was standing because I was too unwell to stand up for an hour straight. No big deal though, since this was probably my 5th time seeing Stella.) In retrospect, we probably should have collected our energy enough to ask Eugene some Q&A.

It seems kinda silly now, but this was def a huge checkpoint-type event. An early "achievement unlocked" moment from my 20s. Every Stella short that got posted was like a huge event in those days. After meeting them in person, most other celebrity encounters that I've had didn't seem as important.

(Although two weeks ago, I did sit on a couch next to Killer Mike, who is probably the most intimidating rock star I've ever seen up close. I said hello to El-P, but it was tough to get up the nerve to say hi to Mike. An hour or 2 later, their group Run The Jewels was attacked by a crazed fan who rushed their stage. And afterwards in the empty alley where Killer Mike was being ushered to his car I yelled out "Yo, fuck that dude! That guy sucks!" so at least I said something.)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

der minister i VS der minister ii

One of the big hot debates in college campus dorms right now centers around Jaap Blonk's "Der Minister I" and "Der Minister II," two songs that originally appeared on his landmark breakthrough 1992 LP Flux de Bouche. In the first version, there seems to be more consonants being added while the vowels are gradually decreasing. However in the second version, it's the vowels that increase as the consonants gradually decrease. They both start from the same place but end on opposite areas. It's a very tough call.

Many social justice clickbait journalists (including the writer of a controversial thinkpiece posted on Pitchfork during the past week) have been labelling "I" as the superior version. "'Der Minister I' is clearly the better version," wrote critic Sarah Sahim in her piece titled "The Overbearing Dopeness of 'Der Minister I'." Supporters of the #GamerGate controversy have also projected their voices in favor of this version. However, Andy Gill - vocalist from the band Gang of Four - has called these accusations "ridiculous." He is strongly in favor of "II," calling the first version "illiberal, undemocratic and anti-progressive." The fast-rising Canadian rock bros in Viet Cong were unavailable for comment, but have issued a statement saying they were "embarrassed" to have no knowledge of this controversy.

upside down rappers

What's hot on the streets right now? NOT upside down rappers.

And why not exactly? We don't know why but we are advocating for its comeback in 2015.

Bring back the upside down rappers. Ludacris, get on this.

Friday, March 13, 2015

snarky responses to pitchfork's 10 big headlines of the week

Oddly, their headlines for this week are about artists that we actually care about, although unsurprisingly it's about stuff that we didn't really need to know.

Kendrick Lamar Announces Album Release Date

Tame Impala Share "Let It Happen", Announce Tour
Nice. Dat hippy trash mob is at it again.

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck Documentary Trailer Revealed
Oh good. More Nirvana product. We're guaranteeing the DVD isn't released until Black Friday. We don't have time to get excited about stuff we won't be able to experience for 2+ months. We just had to wait over a year for Hotline Miami 2 and that's pretty much all the anticipation we can handle for this decade. Thank God rappers started doing the thing where they just drop their albums without any warning. It's kinda way better that way. We don't wanna know when things are going to happen months and years from now. There's too much Nirvana product. Too much emphasis on idolization. It's just kinda ruining the whole thing. That's not what it was like when Nirvana was around. No one was like "this band will be idolized." They just did their thing and they were dope as fuck. And that's literally it. Kurt surely would have objectively and accurately viewed all of this as bullshit. Where's the movie about that? (Yes of course we're gonna torrent this shit the second it's available.)

Kendrick Lamar Reveals Album Artwork, Title
NEW NEWS. Nice album cover. Somehow it doesn't feel like it took nearly as long for this record to surface.

Kanye West Releases Nudity-Filled Season Zine
I guess it sorta used to be like this with The Beatles, where everything they did became news. We honestly can't think of the last time a Pitchfork-friendly star has been able to attract this much tabloid attention.

Kendrick Lamar Reveals Album Artwork, Title
You don't say?

M.I.A. Shares "Can See Can Do"
Cool. Maybe she's into the meeseeks.

Prince's "Surprise" Hit & Run Tour Coming to the U.S.
Gotta admit we were among the kids whose clicks shot this one up to the #8 position, under the assumption that some where/when info might actually get revealed. But unfortunately, only 1 concert date is included here. The rest is a big mystery.

Jay Z's Bid for Music Streaming Company Accepted

Jury Rules Pharrell and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" Copied Marvin Gaye
Got to give it up for that dumb jury. These guys simply didn't plagiarize. And it mostly sucks since it might eventually affect an artist or band who can't afford to be sued for $7 million, unlike Pharrell and Robin Thicke. Luckily, this is a case where Marvin Gaye's family will receive money from two VERY wealthy mofos: One dude who wrote "Drop It Like It's Hot" and "Rock Your Body" (the song that was performed during the most Tivo'd moment of 2004) and another dude who was literally the IRL Mike Seaver. NBD. It's no "Bittersweet Symphony," although that was certainly an equally egregious instance of non-plagiarism.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

primetime glick

Not sure how it took us 6 full years to figure out that we missed another clip on our "best TV moments of the 2000s" feature.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Listicles made of listerine.

We're high on blood. We drank blood and it made us high. And then that shit went "booooom."

We're high on love.

61. Obliterations Poison Everything

Kickin shit off right because that's how you're supposed to fuckin do it.

60. Torn Hawk Fist

Okay, we're not gonna lie. This partially made it here because it's called Fist.

59. Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence

"She came in. Played me the tape. She look good. Signed her that day." - Jay-Z on signing Rihanna


58. DJ Quik The Midnight Life

Wes Coast. Wes up. Wes Borlan.


57. Babymetal Babymetal

Su-metal is all like "Yuimetal, would you please pass the gravy?" and Moametal is all like "can you guys shut up, I can't hear myself think."


56. Electric Wizard Time to Die

Can't see anything bc weed.


55. Ariana Grande My Everything

Back in August th' tough bros on /mu/ were trying to be all poptimist-tough like "wtf pitchfork didn't review this album yet" and it had only been out for like 2 days. And the tough rock /mu/ bros were like "dude whatever why aren't you listening to King Crimson and Zappa and posting your top 100 album grids like the rest of us." And the females were like "..." get it bc there are no girls on 4chan because they hate girls.


54. The Gotobeds Poor People Are Revolting

Ariana, we exchanged drugs and smiles that one time. Don't you remember? #missedconnections Oh wait, we've moved onto The Gotobeds. They smashed a Parquet Courts album in their video so we like them.

53. Dog / Big Neck Police [split]

That movie about the dog that was also a cop.

52. Palberta Shitheads In The Ditch

Palberta. The coolest. #1 forever.


51. Gangsta Boo & La Chat Witch

Dude if Juicy J retires from music honestly what are we gonna do? Can there at least be a Juicy J & Gangsta Boo collab mixtape and world tour real quick before that happens?


50. Kero Kero Bonito Intro Bonito

Who was that dumb dude in 4th grade who was like "Dude, I heard that they have Super Mario Brothers 4 in California now, and they just put out Super Mario Brothers 5 in Japan." And that other dumb girl who was like "I get really mad in World 3 when I can't beat the fire guy and the baby fires." Rough times. Kero Kero are way cooler than both of those dolts.


49. You Blew It! Keep Doing What You're Doing

no you

48. Azealia Banks Broke With Expensive Taste

"I really don't get enough credit for how good my eyebrows are."


47. Hospitality Trouble

dubble bubble


46. Kelis Food

Can't wait for Food 2. Tracklist looks so good:
1. "Meatloaf"
2. "Ham Steak"
3. "Mmm Salsbury Steak"
4. "Dynamite Mac N' Cheeze"
5. "Glazed Roast Duck"
6. "Butter"
7. "Chocolate Covered Raisins"
8. "Boiled Football Leather"
9. "Know Your Chicken (Cibo Matto cover)"
10. "Juice (Eric B & Rakim cover)"
11. "Powdered Donut Pancake Surprise"
12. "Cheesy Poofs"

45. Angel Olsen Burn Your Fire For No Witness

"I come to spread peace." - Angel*. "How bout spreadin' dat angel ass mmm." - David Wain (*This might have been confusing. Angel Olsen did not actually say this, but rather a character from this Stella short who plays the role of "Angel.")


44. Flagland Love Hard

Tough love.

43. Nunslaughter Angelic Dread

Judge Dread Judge Judy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_qTcmIJJ8c

42. Naomi Punk Television Man

The logical sequel to their last album Pool Boy.


41. Schoolboy Q Oxymoron

At least one modern rapper should've had a big hit "featuring MC Hammer" by now. Can we get on this?


40. LVL UP Hoodwink'd

Hello LVL UP. Welcome to the internet. The internet is a big friendly bear that wants to hug you.

39. Beak> Beak>> Bonus Album +

This counts as a real album.

38. Big Ups Eighteen Hours of Static

Hello Big Ups. We just want to make sure your stay with us here on the internet is comfortable. Oh what's that? They said they're debuting their new video on TRL tomorrow. We hope you enjoyed your stay.

37. Roomrunner Separate

Look no further: https://twitter.com/leroyeveryday

36. Good Throb Fuck Off

no you

35. Aphex Twin Syro

That lady at the Grammises was cool. She was like "and the winner is ... ... Effects Twin, Seero," and like no one clapped because they were like "wut I sorta know that 1 Skrillix song, jk James Taylor and Carole King should put out a techno album so that I get this category a little better."


34. Geronimo! Cheap Trick

Love At Bootykhan

33. Swans To Be Kind

Hi. I'm Ronald B. Williams here. And I'd like to talk to you all about some of the best songs in the whole world. Or how 'bout this next selection from the sweet 16 dance party. And if you like that one you should try out our next collection which is called I Like Beer and Boobs. 'Member to try callin' this number. Because these songs touch your heart because they mean so much to ya.

32. Warpaint Warpaint

But how warm is it?


31. Eyehategod Eyehategod

Another no brainer. Anyone who's on the Gummo soundtrack automatically gets in our top 31 whenever they put out anything. (This is probably a lie because we forgot to put that Absu album from a few years ago.)

30. Andy Stott Faith In Strangers

This one really hits its stride around Track 3 and 4. Line 'em up.


29. Disco Doom Numerals

Disco BOOM

28. Shellac Dude Incredible

more like brood incredible amiright


27. Ex Hex Rips

All kindsa girls all kindsa girls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KphQeWxLRCs


26. Fatima Yellow Memories


25. Ava Luna Electric Ballroom

more like No New Dork get it? oh no, was that mean? Guys we're just kidding. Ava Luna is th' top dawg. sorry we were mean just there.

24. Jute Gyte Ressentiment

Dude, "The Grey King." I dunno how in the world we didn't include this in Hot Mix* but srsly "The Grey King." This is the jam.
*Okay we lied in that one little part because it's pretty easy to fuck up and miss one of the best songs from a Jute Gyte album - especially when it's the album's closing track - because what happens is that after about 25 minutes or so it might start to sound like infinite static and chainsaws. But yeah dude for real, "The Grey King." But also "Your Blood and Soil Are Piss and Shit" is really good too.

23. Ariel Pink Pom Pom

Step #1. beck answers the phone. "hello?"
Step #2. beck violently throws the phone on the ground
Step #3. beck and thurston smash the phone with baseball bats


22. Richard Dawson Nothing Important

http://genius.com/92851/Wu-tang-clan-wu-tang-clan-aint-nuthing-ta-fuck-wit/Im-causing-more-family-feuds-than-richard-dawson RZA compares his ability to create family fudes to that of Richard Dawson, the original host of the game show Family Feud. Though, to be fair, Dawson was more of a moderator of family feuds than an instigator. Family feuds can refer to how RZA breaks up families by sleeping with married mothers, or, less likely, it might mean that he creates gang wars.


21. Lil B Hoop Life

Not kidding, this is shockingly #based and consistent. "NBA Commercial." "Pass The Roc." "Call Me Coach." So many jams.


20. Grass Is Green Vacation Vinny

Ear drummers. screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam. the GIG will come back hard soon. we have faith.

19. Priests Bodies And Control And Money And Power

Oh god yes. #1 forever and ever. When you try to put "<3" on this shit, Blogger assumes you're trying to start an html tag. How else are we supposed to bring the love? Less-than signs mean more than one thing you dingbat numbskull halfwit. (Yo see, now it's also messing up how the album gets placed. Bastard.)

18. Arrington de Dionyso with Gal Lazer Shiloach Lovers and Dragons

something about resisting authority and watching adult swim VOD during the day and adventure time at night and no one can stop me fuck you or something

17. Migos Rich ***** Timeline

"YRN" doesn't appear to be on any of their albums or mixtapes and we find this upsetting. (The one with Young Thug that came in at #24 on Hot Mix. They have another song or two with the same title but not the one with Young Thug.)


16. Tinashe Aquarius

This one's a grower, not a shower. We didn't get it, and then like 2 months later it all hit is at once and dat shit went like "booooooooom."


15. Ex-Breathers EXBX


14. Mac DeMarco Salad Days

Spinach, tomato, carrots, gorg, balsamic, xtra virg. Rhythm is a dancer.


13. Nicki Minaj The Pinkprint

This is weird because it's a Minaj album where we don't have any strong desire to cut anything and create our dream tracklisting with the 4 Japanese bonus tracks and the 5 Deluxe edition jams replacing the boring track 6 through 14 section. Although despite this, it strangely feels just as good as Pink Friday or Roman Reloaded or The Re-Up. We love Nicki so much that if she asked us to risk our lives and give her a ride to the trap to take care of some business, we would hesitantly be all like ".....ok, hop in."


12. Palberta & New England Patriots Special Worship [split]

Now you see me. Now you don't. Banana fudge split. HIKE

11. Two Inch Astronaut Foulbrood

more like flour dude amiright

10. Charli XCX Sucker

Little known fact: Charli XCX is actually Charlie Murphy in disguise. So Rick James is all like "Bitch, come over her and have sex with Charlie Murphy." *clap clap* And then the bitch comes over and she's like "but that's not Charlie Murphy, it's Charli XCX" but actually they're the one and the same. I know, it's crazy.


09. Alex G DSU

sup alex

08. YG My Krazy Life

your krazy tats


07. PC Worship Social Rust

they stayed at my friend's house in pittsburgh and he said they were _____.
ok fill in the blank. did he say they were A) panoramic, B) brawny, C) amused, D) motionless, E) towering, F) B and D but not A, C and E, G) D and E, but not A, B and C, H) none of the above. you have 30 seconds. GO.

06. Aby Ngana Diop Liital

Turn this one all the way up. ALL THE WAY. And then buy bigger and better speakers so it's louder. Then throw away your copy of The Bodyguard Soundtrack because who the fuck cares about "I'm Every Woman" and "I Will Always Love You" anymore. The joke is that in 1993 a woman got arrested for playing "I Will Always Love You" over and over again for like 9 hours straight with her very loud surround system blaring at top volume. Strangely enough, Liital was first released right around the same time (and finally saw official vinyl re-release in 2014). Let's make this the new album that gets everyone arrested. We can do this people. The real deal. 1000%.


05. Real Estate Atlas

Love the day. Love the day. Love the day. Love that day.


04. Midnight No Mercy for Mayhem

I don't think you trust in my self righteous suicide. (When angels deserve to die.)

03. Vertical Scratchers Daughter of Everything

Fun fact: That one song with the weird singing towards the end is actually Robert Pollard. Whoa no wai.


02. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Piñata

So much candy. Freddie Gibbs and Matlock. How did we get the en-yay over the n? How can we guarantee that 2 years from now it won't turn into a dollar sign followed by a question mark?

01. D'Angelo and the Vanguard Black Messiah

Finally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk8mm1Qmt-Y