Friday, July 29, 2011

Bullshit Tracklisting For 4-Disc Nevermind Boxed-Set Revealed / Stereogum Praises God-Awful Weezer Covers

Lots of big news lately... Not all of it is good. Here, we have two frustrating stories, both pulled from Stereogum...

First, they've revealed the Nevermind boxed-set's tracklisting... Let's take a look, shall we...

Disc One: Nevermind minus "Endless Nameless" and the "B-sides" included out of order at the very end. By the way, "Endless Nameless" was a b-side on the "Come As You Are" single, and its exclusion is fucking absurd.

Disc Two: Tracks 1-8, "The Smart Studio Sessions." Okay, fine.. at least once of these "sessions" can be allowed... Three of the eight songs are not redundant with anything that's appeared so far. However, this is immediately followed by tracks 9-16, "The Boombox Rehearsals," aka 8 awful quality demos of Nevermind tracks which NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR EVER. This is followed by the BBC versions of "Drain You" and "Something In The Way." Fine.

Disc Three: The Devonshire Mixes. The entire Nevermind album AGAIN mixed differently!? FUCK YOU COURTNEY.

Disc Four: A live concert from 1991. LAME. Live At Reading just came out not even 12 months ago. Completely unnecessary. Complete waste of money. Complete waste of an enormous opportunity to present fans with something other than the usual "acoustic bedroom demo" bullshit. Enough already.

So once again, we come to a point when we need to consider the "Make Your Own Nirvana Boxed Set" option, which will probably end up happening sometime soon... Heck, we might even post it right here.

Meanwhile, Stereogum also posted Weezer's 30 Best Cover Songs, and it didn't include "Velouria" at #1, so right there you know these dudes have no idea what they're talking about... Instead it placed at #9, while the extreme vomit pile "Un-Break My Heart" surpassed it at #3.

P.S. None of the six Nirvana covers from Weezer's "Goat Punishment" set made the cut, which was one of the best shows Weezer ever played. Adding fuel to the fire, the writer states: I also included only one song from the band’s poorly bootlegged Nirvana covers set as Goat Punishment many years ago. Well that's all fine and good except "Sliver" was not played at that show. This handy little internet secret called "Google" brought up the setlist in approximately 0.17 seconds: Swap Meet, Aneurysm, Breed, Floyd the Barber, Blew and Dive. Google is your friend. Use it. Embrace it.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"120 Minutes" also returning

We are pumped and DVR's are set for late-Saturday night at 1AM... If we happen to be at the bar, we'll try and get the TV's set to MTV2.

Although this was announced weeks ago, it took until today for Pitchfork to post a story, which adds some informative insight...

  • Zach Braff is listed as one of the interview guests... Pretty sad.
  • Also, the episode will "debut the uncensored version of Pearl Jam's classic video 'Jeremy'," according to MTV Hive. This is bullshit because this was shown on MTV2 several times circa-2002 when Andrew WK hosted the "top 20 uncensored videos" special.. Uncensored "Jeremy" came in at like #5.
  • South Park is not ending / Beavis update

    Unemployment is amazing. Recommended to anyone.

    Somehow, this turned into a semi-big news story - South Park Renewed for Two More Seasons Through 2013 - probably because everyone thought it was ending. The world is remaining hopeful that Trey and Matt can pick up some momentum in the joke-writing department, as there were only 2 or 3 good episodes among the last 7. The more recent versions of the standard (and beloved) "Randy goes crazy," "Cartman plans to take over the world" or "Butters is naive" episodes may be losing some steam... The last season suggests they've pushed those ideas to their limit, proven with characters uttering "shit" and "fuck" more often than ever. The super-depressing and amazing mid-series-finale from last May seemed to suggest they'll be moving in some different directions... Maybe this will be a good thing...

    Also we won't be embedding a video of the Mike Judge interview from Comic-Con, but here's the link:

    His justification for B&B's expanding beyond watching videos is pretty solid... They were watching MTV in the 90's, and now they're still watching MTV. Plus, Judge is a huge Jersey Shore fan, which suggests they'll be watching it in more than 1 episode. Music videos will be shown as well, but we're concerned that it will consist of only multi-million sellers like Lady Gaga and Bieber, whereas 90's B&B provided commentary on the million-sellers of the day (TLC/Coolio/Green Day/etc) alongside Flaming Lips, Ween and Dead Milkmen, exposing those bands to kids and helping them sell records in the process... Perhaps those days are over. There's 14 years worth of un-commented music videos which could have provided some outstanding joke opportunities, and it might have been great to see them rocking out to something like No Age or Tyler The Creator... (No Age could use the promotion.)

    More Judge interview:

    The Twin Peaks / Seinfeld Connection

    This link isn't really all that interesting.. I just liked that it's something discussed on the blog for rifftrax:


    Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    Ovlov "What's So Great About The City"

    What's So Great About The City (EP/Single)

    1. ovlov - The Valley (2:10)
    2. ovlov - The City (3:07)
    3. ovlov - What Comes Next? (2:24)
    4. ovlov - I Got Well (3:25)

    Not sure why we didn't post this sooner... Probably because we wanted to wait before deciding on whether to post the new Ovlov on mediafire, but in this case it's not really necessary... So here we've embedded the Bandcamp link for Ovlov's big new 7-11 release (purposely leaked by the band on 7/11/11), complete with a "pay as you want" download link... Here's some quick commentary....

  • No confirmation exists as to whether the 4 songs comprise a story (as possibly an easier-to-swallow approach to a concept album) although the songs (and album art) seem to be connected by common themes, musically, lyrically and production-wise...
  • The songwriting definitely presents a progression from 2009's impressive Crazy Motorcycle Jump EP, still maintaining abundant Pixies-influence, although on What's So Great About The City, the previous hints of Weezer have been replaced by Dinosaur Jr, Smashing Pumpkins and hints of shoegaze, especially on the EP's title track, "The City."
  • We're hoping for more Ovlov releases within the coming months since we know they have a loaded arsenal of fresh rock ready to launch at any time.
  • Pulled from our review of their first EP, this is the best description of Ovlov we could pull together: Throw this on with some buds and reenact the "1979" video. It will make your summer that much more complete.

  • Saturday, July 23, 2011

    DJ Scream & Pill "The Diagnosis" download

    Pill's new mixtape dropped today at 3PM. The dumb website that hosts it forced me to set up a login and password for some reason.. And then I had to go through a bunch of stupid ads... It was frustrating..

    So we're hosting it now. OK DEN?

    Much like Pill's last mixtape, there's an absurdly depressing amount of DJ tags throughout, although they don't sound nearly as bad as on 1140: The Overdose (which ended up vastly improving a few months later when the tags were completely removed)... This is also Pill's first mixtape without a number in the title.

    Amy Winehouse R.I.P.

    That poor kid, Amy... On the news over the past month or so, there was some blurb about people paying $70+ to see her in a concert that was considered one of the worst of all time...

    But we should remember her the way she looks and sounds in this video from around 2004 (3 years before the song "Rehab," before she got grossly thin and before her gross tattoos)... It's kinda sad that she was good-looking at one point, and that she used to be so talented... Poor kid.

    B&B Preview

    On Thursday, Mike Judge was at that Comic-Con thing in NYC where he hosted a panel speaking about "the return of Beavis & Butthead," and we're guessing they showed the video that's posted below... We'll put our commentary beneath so there's no spoiler risk......

    And here it comes, the inevitable "my opinion matters" bullshit...
  • Upon the first viewing, it appears to be a surprisingly dense 5-minutes, although no more than some of the more adventurous late-series episodes, I guess...
  • The animation is at about the same level as in Beavis And Butthead Do America, which is certainly a step in quality past what B&B received in their last season on MTV. However, in the past, it was normally a show that benefited from charmingly poor production value. At least in this one instance, it shockingly worked, and we're definitely surprised and happy that Mike Judge's perfectionism is being put to good use.
  • Their voices are VERY different, and almost distractingly so... although halfway through the clip, when Beavis says "hey how's it goin," it somehow brought it right back as if they had never left, which is exactly what the fans want.
  • Wikipedia had previously noted that Daria's voice was not asked to return for the new episodes, leading some to believe that the old characters may not be coming back. However, seeing some new adventures with Stuart for the first time in 14 years (even though he doesn't say anything) is some of the best news that could have come out of this.
  • For some reason, MTV seems to really be pushing this idea that they'll be watching Jersey Shore in at least one episode, as if this is the big selling point to what will really get kids into watching... In fact, I've yet to see a single news article regarding their "return" that doesn't also mention Jersey Shore. Once we move past the first few episodes, it will be nice to finally get that particular commentary out of the way.
  • We're assuming the show will be on 5-days-a-week again, although with the way MTV loves to ruin everything, we could totally see them bringing the show back as a weekly thing. (And there's no way in hell there won't be several ads shown during the VMA's... The commercials are only going to get more and more persistent from this point forward, so just a warning...)
  • "Get Found"

    We may have to dig beyond this band's single to learn what makes them so special.. As of right now it sounds kind of generic.. however, they've already collab'ed with Mellowhype and they're about to start touring with Japandroids, so they must be doing something right...

    Bass Drum of Death - "Get Found" from Fat Possum Records on Vimeo.

    Thursday, July 21, 2011

    vma's news: tyler, beasties & rebecca black

    Tyler The Creator is planning on tweeting for a week straight about how excited he is to be nominated for Video Of The Year and Best New Artist, neither of which he'll win (except possibly Best New Artist) in a 3 hour long commercial for Taco Bell and Nike that will be on MTV sometime in September and will be featuring lots of famous female celebrities making awful jokes about their titties and stupid people hopelessly making a huge effort to simulate fun in an environment that is probably the most businesslike and profit-minded out of anything else on television, effectively sucking every last ounce of creativity from the minds of most young people who claim to be music fans and instead focusing on the association of music = celebrity and music = profit.

    Why would Tyler care so much about this? Well anyway, he does.. and there's a website called Odd Future Talk where someone wrote about it..

    That awful Beastie Boys thing got nominated also, which we are NOT happy about... At Sundance earlier this year, I had to sit through the 25-minute version of the video that got nominated for Best Video, and it's probably the worst movie I've seen in 2011 so far. I'm not surprised it's nominated, since it exists pretty much only for MTV to suck its dick, as it places more emphasis on "celebrity" and "how many famous faces can you spot?" and that's literally the only theme of the entire video. Although it's entirely possible that a 4-5 minute short-form edit might be bearable.. It's called "Make Some Noise" and in all fairness, it's also their best song since "Intergalactic."

    It's also a bummer week for Rebecca Black.. No VMA nominations for "Friday" which has also been removed from Youtube, and her brand new and completely devoid-of-fun-fun-fun sophomore-slump-video is a fucking bumout. "My Moment." Oh please... It could have been ANYONE's moment. You just got lucky that Ark gave you their funniest song and video, and that your friends all happen to be incredibly awkward. THAT's why your famous... You sing just as well as millions of other kids. Ya just don't get it.

    We are mostly upset that she didn't put all of the same extras in her 2nd video. And she never once mentions the words "fun" or "party." She was supposed to be the female Andrew WK. But now I guess Ke$ha wears that crown for life..

    However, the 8-minute video where Rebecca plays Katy Perry's best friend was nominated for Best Pop (or something), so she will probably be making a really lame VMA's appearance at some point, and will have really awful jokes to coincide with the unfortunate end of her 15-minutes-of-fame.

    In related news, "Trouble On My Mind" by Pusha T featuring Tyler The Creator is finally on Youtube... We're posting it but haven't watched it yet, so for all we know this might be terrible...

    And here's "She" which probably should've been nominated instead of "Yonkers..."

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011


    OK DEN?

    holy fucking shit we are SO excited for this you have no idea....

    (edit) also if that happens to be the album cover, that is just fucking amazing considering how obvious it is that the image was reversed

    "Round And Round"

    So lovely...

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011



    Good DAY sir!

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    continuing our defense of Gin Blossoms

    I was considering posting a live clip of "Until I Hear It From You" along with this, for comparison, but there are currently no good live videos of Gin Blossoms on the entire internet.

    Friday, July 15, 2011

    "Planet Jackson"

    This rules. So classic. If you don't like it, you suck.

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    "Thought Ballune" / Kellii Scott appearing on HUM tribute comp

    oh SHIT. these dudes are soundin tight. Weirdly enough I just heard this song for the first time last night ... less than 24hours ago..

    Also not related to this video at all, but I didn't feel like making a fresh new post... No word on whether The Brontosaur still exists, or whether they've existed at all since their 2008 self-titled release.. However, their drummer (ex-Failure member) Kellii Scott seems to be involved in a new project called TENT and we couldn't be more excited.. Much like The Brontosaur, minimal information is available via Google searches, except that TENT has contributed a cover of "Little Dipper" to a forthcoming HUM tribute comp that we're excited as shit to hear. More info soon hopefully.....


    Monday, July 11, 2011

    The Vomit Of 1998

    The fans have been asking for some info on the worst period of the 90's, since we've been praising them so much lately. Many kids walk around these days with a romantic rose-colored-glasses perception, thinking back on the 90's the same way the assholes who comment on Youtube videos think about any given video.. "This is back when music was real." "Like this comment if y'all feelin' this is better than dat Justin Bieber shit." "This is when hiphop was real. Fuck dat Lil Wayne nigga."

    Okay, well for those who might correctly remember, the first half of 1998 was probably the most depressing period in the history of modern rock radio.. For whatever reason, radio programmers and music critics started this perception that the public was tired of awesome rock music in the style of Nirvana and The Pixies, and this started toward the end of 1996 with the low point being Rolling Stone infamously claiming Pinkerton to be the worst album of that year. If you travel to Allmusic, they only just recently raised their 2-star review of Failure's Fantastic Planet to a meager 2-and-a-half star rating, keeping the review intact. As a result of similar instances, the tail-end of 1997 was when 120 Minutes started heavily promoting acts that were specifically marketed to eventually end up on VH1's heavy rotation 4 months later, and KROQ started treating many of these acts as the alt-rock of the future (ie Eagle Eye Cherry, Fastball, Semisonic, Natalie Imbruglia, and yes, Matchbox 20 started out on 120 Minutes as well..) instead of paying attention to brilliant records from Hum, Local H, Sloan, Deftones, Cornershop, Cardigans, Supergrass, Elliott Smith, and probably 20 or so others which easily could have fit on their playlists. Instead, by the time 1998 was over, there was so much wussy VH1 crap filling the KROQ airwaves that the kids demand for louder rock had no other choice but to be filled by the sudden demand to hear more music from Korn, Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock, and of course Creed debuted in '98 as well.... The rest is history, and now modern rock radio in its current state is in some serious-ass unrecoverable disarray. It's amazing that KROQ is still considered profitable, honestly.

    Here are the worst songs from the worst year of the 90's....

    22 Alanis Morissette "Thank U"
    21 Sprung Monkey "Get 'Em Outta Here"
    20 Spice Girls "Goodbye"
    19 Sixpence None The Richer "Kiss Me"
    18 Liz Phair "Polyester Bride"
    17 Pearl Jam "Wishlist"
    16 Metallica "The Unforgiven II"
    15 Smash Mouth "Can't Get Enough Of You Baby"
    14 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy "You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight"
    13 The Brian Setzer Orchestra "Jump Jive An' Wail"
    12 Dave Matthews Band "Don't Drink The Water"
    11 Smash Mouth "Why Can't We Be Friends"
    10 Barenaked Ladies "One Week"
    09 The Offspring "Pretty Fly For A White Guy"
    08 Puff Daddy "It's All About The Benjamins (Rock Remix)"
    07 Garth Brooks "Two Pina Colladas"
    06 Rob Zombie "Dragula"
    05 Will Smith "Just The Two Of Us"
    04 Puff Daddy featuring Jimmy Page "Come With Me"
    03 Eric Clapton "My Father's Eyes"
    02 Phil Collins "True Colors"
    01 Shawn Mullins "Lullaby"

    By the end of '98 the only Creed songs on the radio were "Torn," "My Own Prison" and "What's this Life For," which are not their worst songs, which is why Creed does not appear here.

    And here's a few songs that people continue to occasionally defend, for one reason or another, despite that they're horrendously awful....
    2Pac "Changes"
    Beastie Boys "Body Movin'"
    Cake "Sheep Go To Heaven"
    Everclear "Everything To Everyone"
    Everclear "Father Of Mine"
    Everclear "I Will Buy You A New Life"
    Faith Hill "This Kiss"
    Goo Goo Dolls "Slide"
    Lenny Kravitz "Fly Away"
    Metallica "Fuel"

    Why the fuck do people like Everclear? Can someone please explain?

    We may include more updates on 90's vomit within the coming weeks...

    Saturday, July 9, 2011

    One clip from "Kids Like You" is on Youtube

    For those not in the know, Kids Like You is one of our favorite shows that's ever been on TV. It was discovered by a few of our associates on Trinity Broadcasting Network some time around early 1996 when we were in high school. Our parents were not happy that we were laughing at a Christian show, but how could you not laugh at this thing...

    Its appeal was its incredibly low budget.. I would be very surprised if more than $10 was spent per episode.. It was taped on video, and they used the same ugly puppets in every episode (although to their credit, they must have had a lot of puppets). The script to the puppet segments was entirely ad libbed, and they seemed to use first takes of everything. So they're pretty much the Christian children show equivalent to Lowt Ide.

    I think late 2005 must have been the last time this was shown on TBN, and since then we've been searching for some kind of DVD boxed set which may sadly never be made. However, we did find this one Youtube clip, posted several years ago by a video blog called Third Chair Trombone and later commented on again by Conblogeration.

    Thursday, July 7, 2011

    "Open My Eyes"

    Head in this direction to cut out Peter Noone's lame VH1 intro... If you click on the box it will just take you to Youtube anyway...

    Green Day on MTV News (1995)

    "You're Gonna Lose That Girl"

    Part of me wishes The Beatles had just shot these as stand-alone videos without the context of how they fit into a movie... (which would make the end of this clip more amazing..)

    Watch in full-screen IMO...

    "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)"

    Wednesday, July 6, 2011

    Some new rock

    Bummed that I missed this show...

    here's another Yuck b-side...

    and one of their videos from last fall...

    Yuck - The Base Of A Dream Is Empty from Yuck on Vimeo.

    and here's a couple new bands pulled from their blog...


    THIS is what a good festival line-up looks like...

    Saturday, July 2, 2011

    GLU "3D" & "Secrets"

    3D (EP)
    1998 (2011 reissue)

    1. GLU - Mister Gerbik (4:48)
    2. GLU - Mean Bitch (1:29)
    3. GLU - Satan: Worship Me (1:07)
    4. GLU - Know Your Rights (2:08)
    5. GLU - Cool Guy (1:26)
    6. GLU - Fastazz (1:06)
    7. GLU - Jews R People 2 (Remix) (1:46)
    8. GLU - Titanic (1:43)
    9. GLU - Accord (Bongymania Remix) (2:59)
    10. GLU - Friends (Remix) (0:48)

    Download link:

    Secrets (1998-2000)
    2011 compilation

    1. GLU - Have a Banana 4 Breakfast! (0:51)
    2. GLU - Hangin' With My Homies (4:12)
    3. GLU - Mother (featuring G-Spot) (Hey Mom Remix) (2:42)
    4. GLU - Ash Wednesday (0:31)
    5. GLU - Electric Zelda (2:24)
    6. GLU - Ma Woman (0:50)
    7. GLU - Porno: NY (1:37)
    8. GLU - Swing Easy (featuring Dowcet) (0:32)
    9. GLU - Phatass (0:42)
    10. GLU - Boo Foo (remix) (0:09)
    11. GLU - Reading Rainbow (5:04)
    12. GLU - Look Out Darth Vader (2:48)
    13. GLU - French (1:03)
    14. GLU - Know Your Rights 2000 (1:24)
    15. GLU - Wow (3:01)
    16. GLU - Two Large Dildos (3:54)

    Download link:

    3D got its title from the 3 members of GLU, who used the names Dirk, Dick and Duke to protect their anonymity. All of the songs on 3D were recorded ENTIRELY using samples recorded and pasted into Windows Sound Recorder (and this is back in 1998 when it was a decently minimal program).. The concept was to create "evil" sounding electronic music, mostly based around dance beats, which ends up sounding more funny than evil as a result of the minimal production value. Some creativity and imagination was involved in order to produce the individual samples.. For example in "Satan: Worship Me," the side of a CD jewel-case is scratched with a fingernail to simulate record-scratching. Beat boxing noises are individually sampled for "Titanic."

    There were 2 versions of 3D: #1 was a 9-song demo tape. #2 was a 16-song cassette-only EP. Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 appeared on both. "Jews R People 2" and "Accord" also appeared on both, but for this reissue we've instead included the more complete "remixes" which were only on the EP version. "Mister Gerbik" is the original first song on the EP and has been included here also. (The files for the other 6 songs are currently lost for whatever reason, which includes the demos of "Fastazz" and "Accord," two versions of "Anal Sax," "Chuggin' Dick's Sax Remix" which was a remix of Z-Rock Hawaii, and "Universal Parallels" which sampled Portishead.)

    Secrets (1998-2000) is a collection of GLU's singles and other projects mostly recorded by Dick using programs other than Windows Sound Recorder. In fact, the last 6 songs (all from 2000) were Dick on his own, just prior to when he started using the name Stu Wanker. "Electric Zelda," "Porno: NY" and "Swing Easy" are all group efforts from 1999. "Ash Wednesday" and "Boo Foo" are experimental bits recorded by Duke in 1996 but have been included here as they were eventually adopted as GLU tracks. A drunken voicemail from Dirk appears in "Hangin' With My Homies." A Pink Floyd cover recorded by Dirk and Duke (as G-Spot, using the names G-Zuz and G-Niuz) were sampled for "Mother (Hey Mom Remix)." (One remaining track titled "Cure Song" was also lost for whatever reason, which sampled 3 or 4 songs by The Cure.)

    Download "3D"

    Download "Secrets (1998-2000)"

    Friday, July 1, 2011

    T.Scene update

    For those keeping track (which is almost certainly zero people), the Interface comp now completes every recording we have for the bands Jay and Luke formed between 1994 and 1999...

    The All American Rap Band can be heard on Trumbull Scene: The Big Hits and were also responsible for the music in this clip...

    NTT was next, which stood for either Nipple Touch Tip or Nipple Touch Tit. After that was the first version of The Elite which is remembered by us for the song "Rotten To The Core" (never recorded unfortunately) and the 2nd version of The Elite had a song called "Frozen Hotdogs." Interface came soon after that and was their inevitable punk rock group, which much later lead to the formation of Bernie and Hoveral.

    Between Interface and Bernie, Jay and Mike ended up focusing on their electronic music project GLU with John B. A complete collection of GLU's recordings should be the next t.scene release coming within the next few days.

    Interface "Interface: 1998"

    Interface: 1998
    2011 compilation

    1. Interface - Bleachead 1 (0:15)
    2. Interface - I Wanna Be Your Dog (2:40)
    3. Interface - No Vision (2:59)
    4. Interface - Bleachead 2 (2:34)
    5. Interface - The Passenger (2:55)
    6. Interface - Stepping Stone (2:18)
    7. Interface - Substitute (2:51)
    8. Interface - We're So Pretty (interlude) (0:40)
    9. Interface - Pretty Vacant (2:18)
    10. Interface - My Generation (2:20)

    In light of recent events, T.Scene has been inspired to uncover Interface's practice tapes recorded between November 1997 and June 1998, in remembrance of their guitarist Brian M. We sadly have just recently learned of Brian passing away which happened in April of this year. The lineup of Interface was Brian M on guitar, Luke F on bass, Jay W on rhythm guitar and percussion, Mike F on drums. All 4 band members sang lead at some point. Neil B was also intended to be their permanent lead singer but became unavailable after 1 practice. Their original song "Homeless Lovin'" was recorded with Neil on a tape that was lost soon afterwards. Their remaining originals were two instrumentals, both called "Bleachead," and "No Vision," which was also interpreted by 3 of the 4 band members a year later in Bernie. Aside from those, this comp includes 2 Iggy Pop covers, 2 Who covers, and 2 Sex Pistols covers (or Sex Pistols covering The Monkees, whatever you wanna call it)... As this tape was never intended for any official release, the title "Interface: 1998" was chosen to give the collection more of an endearing "time capsule" quality.

    Here's the download link:

    "The Legend Of Beaver Dam" Is Now On Youtube!!

    They played this before I saw Hobo With A Shotgun a few months ago and it's probably one of the best shorts ever made.. It looks like it was taken from TV and the swears have been removed, and I remember there being some story prior to where this video starts (and like opening credits, etc), but the basic jist is there...